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unique problem



I have a unique situation where most of my class leaves all day for the gifted program. I am left with 4 very bright students (just not quite gifted), and do not know what to do with them for a few hours during Language Arts time. They know that their classmates are having fun so I do not want to drill them with worksheets, etc. For the past few months, we worked on a research project about our community and them made them into power points. It was great, and the others were actually jealous of what we were doing (made these students feel really good!). But that has ended and I do not have any new ideas! HELP!!!!


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idea for small group activity

***What about having them work on a class or school newsletter.

***You could also do a book club for the kids left. They could read a book together. Write about it. Do a play about it. Dress as a favorite character. They could even create a menu of the foods a character would eat.

Just a thought.

Marie from PA



That would be so much fun. Wish I had your "problem."


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What about having them work on plays to present to younger grades? I did this when I taught 2nd grade and had a group that was left with me while others went to supplemental classes. They loved practicing, creating props and puppets, and performing for the younger kids. Often my students would go and do "research" in the younger grades and then choose plays to go along with the themes in that room. It was great!