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University of Alabama



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I'm hoping someone here can help me.

I am at an elementary school in Texas that has selected a college/university theme for this coming year. Each classroom has chosen one university to represent and is to decorate the outside of their room (and inside if wanted) using items depicting and showcasing that school.

I chose the University of Alabama. I have contacted their new student/recruiting department and the alumni department in search of items to use to decorate. I received PomPom Shakers (very cute) from the Alumni department and a couple of felt pennants from the recruiting department.

I am needing anything I can find to decorate outside my door and hallway. I have used the logo to go on the clips that will hold student work in the hall.

Is there anyone from there, or know someone there who has any items (old, previous years, anything would be fine) that they would be willing to sell at a reasonable price? I am thinking posters, t-shirts, brochures, really anything that I could hot glue to the wall. Our goal is to get the kids excited about college and all the possibilities that are out there.

Thanks so much for any help or suggestions!!


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College Day

I can 't help you out with any Alabama gear, but I can share an idea with you! A local elementary school has a "College Day" and they encourage all the faculty and students to wear a shirt representing their favorite college!!


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Alabama Decor

Have you tried going to a fabric store to buy black and white checked fabric (called houndstooth)? I'm a big Alabama fan and we love houndstooth. Another suggestion is to try walmart.com to see if they have any collegiate items on their website. Good luck this year...Roll Tide!


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You should have.....

Chosen AUBURN UNIVERSITY..... I could have hooked you up!!


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...with the "should've chosen Auburn" message (WAR EAGLE!!!), but as a fellow Texan I will try to help you out.

Focus on the houndstooth fabric (black and white) with crimson/dark red accents and lots of elephants (mascot). The Bear Bryant fedora hat is pretty popular, too...just search Bear Bryant hat and you will see it. Their saying is (dare I say it) written above by 32tch and they usually refer to University of Alabama as BAMA. Alabama is in the SEC conference, so you could include something about the SEC (or use the acronym to mean something else...like Students' Everyday Communication for a Folder). If you want to include it in your room, I would go with either an elephant theme or sports theme, since football is BIG in the SEC. I bet you could find the University of Alabama bookstore online to get some gear or just look for ideas.

Because of the big in-state rivalry with Auburn, you could do some bulletin board with their elephant (not sure of his name) and Aubie (Auburn's mascot)??

You could also do general higher education stuff like an Alabama map with different Alabama schools marked or titles about achieving goals.


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roll tide!

this is a great idea! i shall definitely share this with my school.

anything that is from the school or bought will be pretty expensive, but you can create the feel of the tide without the high cost.

i use wrapping paper a LOT to decorate. alabama does not use the checkered look, it's houndstooth black and white. you should be able to find wrapping paper or fabric with this pattern for pretty cheap. big gray elephants are a big thing, but not as important as the houndstooth and crimson. anything black/white houndstooth!

if you can find the black/white houndstooth wrapping paper, make lightswitch covers, bulletin board backgrounds or borders, around your desk, etc. then, add a few alabama touches and you'll have an amazing ROLL TIDE classroom any alabama fan would love.


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Hobby Lobby has houndstooth wrapping paper and it's pretty thick. I am implementing a houndstooth, black and white polka dot, soft blue, and grey color scheme in my room this year.

Hobby Lobby also had houndstooth storage baskets on the 80% off isle a few weeks ago.