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Unrealistic Teacher Expectations



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Not sure I can do this anymore. I'm human, I have good days and bad days, but I feel as if I have to be perfect for my kids everyday. God forbid if I'm "mean"!! This puppies and unicorns attitude is making me not want to teach anymore!!


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I think I started my career much like that. The stress and anxiety affected my health severely. I have mellowed through the years and allow myself to make mistakes. Sometimes...shocker...I have to dump some lesson plans or extend lessons to fit the needs of my students as well as my mental health.

Teachers can be their own worst enemy. Yes, I’m aware administrators also apply pressure on us. However, if we continue to take on more and don’t yell "Uncle", the big wigs won’t know when to stop.

Today I yelled "Uncle". Tonight I’m resting.

Please take care of yourself.


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Is this pressure coming from yourself or from parents/admin? No one can be perfect and I'm sorry you're feeling that unrealistic pressure. Be your best and that's all your can do. "Mean" has many different meanings over the years. If students hear something they don't like, we're mean, if we don't let them do what they want, we're mean, etc.

Too bad for them! We're there to educate them, not entertain.


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They get what they need

Absolutely!!! At least you don't have to teach a child whos parent filed harassment charges on you Or do you? Education is crazy!
Discipline policy: They get what they need-even if what they need to do is yell, curse, run, and hit!


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We are all human.

We make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Everyone has good days and bad days (w/the exception of a crazy teacher next to me who seems to have a lot of screaming times daily...lol :D )
It is not about puppies and unicorns as you say. It is about doing our best to teach kids.
Noone is perfect!