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My principal has asked me my opinion of UoS. Our school is struggling with writing and has found it difficult to come to agreement with a program/focus. My only exposure to UoS is thru PT. It sounds like a wonderful program. I do need to state that because of budget issues we would not be able to afford much more than buying one of each set for K-2 and 3-5, and definately we would not be able to afford any type of PD. Also, we have 6th grade in our school so we also have to meet their needs as well. Over the past 12 years we have floundered with the John Collins approach, First Steps, dabbled with Six Traits, and even some within district approaches. We need focus. What do you recommend? Would it be worth our while to puchase one set of each or would this just be another band-aid? I value the opinions of the PTcommunity so please help out. Thanks.


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my opinion

I think that given your school's track record, the first thing that needs to be done is to decide as a school WHAT you are trying to accomplish in your writing. As you said, you need a focus.

If the previous approaches did not work, UoS is not going to be the magic cure. WW requires discipline and all teachers need to be trained in whatever program you adopt. UoS is very intensive, and needs to be followed pretty closely to be successful. You can do it without outside PD, but teachers have to be willing to read the books thoroughly to understand the concepts.

One kit for 3 grade levels will definitely not work unless you all collaborate very, very, closely, and from your posting it does not sound like you do. Good luck!


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Thanks cvt

I appreciate your response. You expressed everything that I also believe. It has been very difficult to focus with very little money and time for PD. I was worried that purchasing one UoS kit would just be another band aid, and you basically confirmed it. Our staff does all agree on the fact that our students need to better writers but the struggle comes in agreeing on the path we need to take. Now my struggle as a teacher leader comes in the form of getting our staff and administration in coming up with the money and the time to collaborate.
Thanks again for responding, I have been checking my posts daily waiting for a response.