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update on sprain


Senior Member
Thanks for your advice and comments. I talked to the sp.ed. teacher this morning. She told me she went to our AP and informed her she did not like the way he was handled. She told the AP that he couldn't have the special spot in my classroom because it would show the other kids that if you act that way you get what you want and he didn't deserve a special spot because it was too much like a reward. She told me that Friday afternoon the child was bragging about getting a special spot that was just for him. The AP said she did that just to calm him down and she could make him use the same area everyone else has to use. The sp. ed. teacher says he does this all the time just to get his way and she wasn't going to allow him to get his way either. She also told me she called his mom and told her what he had done (since the AP didn't). His mom was supposedly upset over it and said he was going to be grounded and he should have consquences. The sp. ed. teacher told me that when he does this in class he losses privelges. I also wrote my principal a note this morning telling him that I didn't want this child in my homeroom for a while and that he should go to his special ed. classroom. I don't know what he thought of my note, but I do know he didn't come to homeroom this morning and it sure was peaceful. My kids were concerned about my hand, and one child in particular made my day. He told me he felt very sorry for me because I had a hurt hand and wrist, and that I had to wear a brace, and then gave me a hug. My class was pretty good today. Thank goodness because I was hurting and then I had a major headache. They can really surprise you at times like this. Thanks again for your advice and comments. It really helps to hear what others have to say and to find out others have been in situations just like you or very similar to yours!!