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Update on Weekly notes

Ms. K

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I vented about this about a week ago and just cannot believe what is happening this week. I get to school at about 7:30 everyday so Wednesday I used my morning prep period to write up the weekly classnotes on a school computer because it is the only time that the computers are not in use by the teachers that have them in their classrooms. I made two copies and put one in the principal's box (because she has to approve it) and one on the office desk in case the principal didn't show up to approve it. This was by 8:00 am on Wednesday morning.

Well, I didn't get it back on Wednesday and the principal wasn't on campus today. I finally checked her box to see if she even checked it and it wasn't there. Then I went to her office to see if she had it in there and I found it. However, it had notes written on the side about adding an assembly to the important dates (the assembly is a week after we get back from spring break, so it really isn't important right now).

Now, I will get to school tomorrow at 7:30 but she won't show up until 8:30 or so. By then I will be in class and will not get a break, except for my lunch (30 minutes), until school is out. The note has to go in the children's folders tomorrow before school is out. When exactly does she think I'm going to be able to make any corrections?

I just plan on telling her that I do not have time and that it can go out as originally written or it won't go out at all.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Lay it out for her

It is highly possible that your principal has no idea what a hardship this is for you. I'm not saying she shouldn't know it - but it probably just hasn't occurred to her. I would write her a note explaining exactly what you explained on this board. I would lay it out, point out the problems and then ask her for help with the solutions. Explain that you want to be compliant and responsible, but that you would appreciate some assistance (or equipment!) to make that possible. See what happens.


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why is this necessary?

Does your principal check everyone's weekly notes before they go out? This sounds like a major case of micromanagement to me! If you are trusted as a professional, then what's the problem with you typing something up and sending it home? Could you and your fellow teachers band together and try to get this phased out? I don't mind giving a copy of my newsletter to the office so they can be aware of anything special going on in my room/grade level, but having to get it approved beforehand is ridiculous!!! What's the point?


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Roo, there are teachers in my building whose grammar and spelling are equivalent with 6th graders, maybe. My principal also checks over anything going home, so that public view of the school personnel doesn't suffer. But, big difference, my principal gets anything back to teachers the same day, usually. It doesn't become an issue here.