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Update to Rough Start to Year

Administrator Issue 


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I am the one who posted a few weeks ago about having a principal who really did not want me back this year, and was hoping I would be gone and “having a target on my back” from my Principal.
I have been offered a position as a Coordinator of Assessment and Remediation at another district. However, my current district is giving me a hard time about being released from my contract (even though it would be a promotion). There is no union, so I do not have that option.
My other concern is that the school is 60 miles away. I might be moving 20 miles closer, but that is just a possibility.
Part of me needs to get out and would like a promotion. I completed my educational leadership degree and want to move away from the classroom. I am also hearing impaired and it is getting harder for me to be in the classroom and hear students.
Part of me does not look forward to the commute. And of course, I am still waiting to hear if my district will release me.
Just trying to figure out what I can do....


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Do it!

Even if it’s just for this year, you’ll get experience in a new position and get out of the classroom. I know of people who rent an apartment/room close to work and go home for the weekends- would that be a possibility?

If they release you, I think you should go for it. I’d rather a long drive than a miserable year with an idiot P and AP.

Keep us posted!


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I can get out of my contract, but I would be making $10K less.

The drive is over 60 miles. My concern is it worth it?

My current principal is making my life miserable. It would be an opportunity to move up, but again - I lose $10K and would spend at least that on commuting costs.

Decisions, decisions...


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I would budget out the new salary and see what you come up with. If the $10K cut means budgeting a little tighter, fewer/less extravagant vacations, fewer "extras," cheaper entertainment options, etc. then your happiness is worth it.

If the $10K cut means struggling to pay for bills and basics, racking up credit card debt, having to look into a 2nd job, etc. then IMO it's not worth it. Especially with the drive on top of it.

That drive would really bother me, depending on what kind of drive it is. If it's a rural area and you're not in traffic/driving on easy back roads, I could maybe see getting into podcasts or books on tape and it being okay. If it were in bumper to bumper traffic I would find it very stressful.

Many years ago I interviewed for a job that would have been a 1 hour commute, but it was all on back roads, to a more rural location. There were a lot of perks to the job and I would have taken it, but sadly it was not offered! I'd feel completely differently about driving that amount in traffic, especially in bad weather. When I first started at my current school, my commute was about 25 minutes each way. Over the years, the area got more and more built up and traffic got worse. It turned into a 45-50 minute drive home in bumper to bumper traffic every day (we start at 7:30, so mornings were easier). I hated it. I moved 10 minutes away from my school and felt like I got a piece of my life back, not sitting in traffic every day.


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Would taking this job impact a future pension in any way? If you're at all close to retirement, it might not be worth it. If you're planning to continue for several more years and can make it work financially, I'd do it.

I've known people who have made very long commutes. After a while, they get used to it.

I had to retire earlier than planned because my district was in turmoil. The job had become so stressful I couldn't take it anymore. It was a bit difficult financially, but if I had to do it all over again, I'd make the same decision. It wasn't easy with less money coming in, but my sanity was more important.

One final thought: You said there isn't a union. Is there tenure in your state? Is there the possibility you could be pushed out of your current position? That might be another reason to change jobs.


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If you can swing it financially, to me it's worth the loss in income this year. From what you've written, there's no way I could ever work with someone like your P. That stress would not be worth it to me. It sounds like she's got it out for you so if you have a chance to get another position, I hope you seriously consider it.

When do you have to let the other district know?