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Utah and Colorado teachers...help me



I am relocating when the current year ends. Hubby has a new job and we can choose anywhere in his "region" to live. If you know anything about these areas and who's hiring..let me know.

Thanks bunches


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Colorado Springs, CO

District 11 usually hires a lot; however, this is an expensive city to live in. House prices are outrageous. There are some upper crust school districts to work in; however, you have to practically murder someone to get a job. The state department of education is SLOW in processing licenses so if you want to work in this state, you'd better start your paperwork six months out. They won't talk to you if you don't have a license. I have been subbing the last year in District 20 hoping for a job...its not looking good and I have a great reputation as a guest teacher. Then there are charter schools...you don't have to have a license to teach in them...just a PhD...(I am joking, but it seems that way!). Good luck to you...remember to consider religious schools too...they are always looking for qualified teachers.