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Vacation vent


Senior Member
We are in a rental home in the mountains. There are people staying next door. Two women have been on their deck talking for an hour. One of them doesn’t understand the physics of sound. You know…how it travels!!!

Seriously,I’m just learned more about her life than I needed to know. It’s the mountains….sound travels through the trees.



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That's terrible. Is there any way you can go over and say, "I don't know if you are aware but the acoustics here are really good. I heard your entire conversation last night. "


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Poor you. A trick I read for when I’m out walking and others out walking are talking very loudly to their phones: start answering loudly as if they’re speaking to you. I say generic things like, “Oh, really, I didn’t know that, thank you for explaining.” It messes them up and quiets them down. Kinda like this.


Ima Teacher

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It is the same way at our house. The neighbors aren’t all that close, but you can hear every word of someone’s conversation. Usually I will say something like, “Wow, the sound travels very clearly here.” Usually that will quiet them down.

I especially didn’t need to know my drug neighbor’s business. <!--misspeak-->

Now that I have normal neighbors, I mostly get teenage angst from the two high school girls when they are outside on their phones. <!--giggle-->


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I think I would pretend to talk on the phone outside and say, “ It’s beautiful here. However, I can hear my neighbors when they are on the deck.”