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Valentine Game!


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nope, i'm not asking for one, i'm leaving one...

a couple days ago, someone posted about valentine party activities, and i posted that i had a fun game that partnered famous couples (fred and wilma, garfield and odie...) but some were obscure (mork and mindy, daddy warbucks and whomever, dick tracy and his gal...) and that it had to be modified/updated. i almost posted and asked for ideas, but (no offense) i decided it would just be faster and easier to sit down for a few minutes and think of some my 6th graders could do.

so i did and here it is--25 pairs--hope you can use it!

:s) :s) :s)
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Mrs. O

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Thanks again

I have already printed your Bogle one. You should have your own website. You have very creative ideas. :) Thank you for sharing.


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Famous Couples

Sounds very fun! I'd like my third graders to try this one for the Valentine party this year. Thanks!