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Valentine Holders



Valentine bags

I use white paper bags. For the last few years I have been ordering a Valentine bag kit from Really Good Stuff. It comes with the white bags, stickers, valentine cutouts, etc. - all kinds of stuff that the kids can use to decorate their bags. I believe it costs around $10.


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We do the shoebox thing. The children bring in boxes (they don't actually have to be shoe boxes), put a slit in the top, and decorate them. I also keep white paper bags at school for the children who forget to bring in boxes.

Rule: If you bring a Valentine in for one person, you need to bring one in for everyone.


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Recycled Valentine Challenge

I teach fourth grade, and never have enough time to dedicate any to making Valentine holders, so I created an optional home project where kids try to design unique holders out of recycled materials. Kids create reward categories like Craziest, Prettyist, etc. I always keep a handful of white bags on hand for those who did not chose to do the project, but never have more than a few, and those are usually ones who have forgotten theirs.


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Me too

Hi, I do the white bags too, but I get them from the party store. They are the giftbag style ones with the handles. I figure it is easier for them to carry home. They decorate with construction paper hearts the day of. They usually turn out pretty cute :)


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Thanks for your help!

Today I went to the party stores looking for your white bags and couldn't come up with anything. But, I found a variety of predecorated valentines backs for a cheap price at Walgreens. I'm thrilled!!! Now I won't have to waste class time decorating valentine's holders.

Thanks so much