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Valentines Gift for Hubby


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I am at a total loss as to what I should get my husband for v-day! We usually treat each other with something small yet special. For instance, last year he got me a stainless steel Starbucks mug with a built in french press b/c he knows I like my coffee that way. I got him a biography that he had been eyeing for a while. This year, I'm lost. Please help! To make things more complicated, he's not interested in things that guys are typically interested in: such as sports, etc. he's not really into sweets either, so no candy. What are some small gifts that your husband or significant other has enjoyed?


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Gifts for hubby

Wallet (with a pic of you inside!), money clip (engraved), a game for the 2 of you to play (Scrabble, etc.), pen/pencil set (engraved?), hat, tie (my husband actually likes getting these).


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Some ideas:
A night out for the two of you, a night in where you make his favorite dinner, a magazine subscription, a lesson for something he's always wanted to do, DVD's or CD's, a game, a gift cert for his favorite store, cologne. I'm not sure how much you were planning on spending, but these are just some of the things my bf has liked in the past.