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Vasectomy Reversal?


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A very long story as to why I want this information, but anyhow....

Does anyone have any experience with successful vasectomy reversals or information about cost or time lines?



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In 1998 my husband had this done, Dr. said it was successful, but I am still not pergnant. My husband has had many medical problems not associated with that since. Now we have elected to adopt.

As for cost: We had to pay everything up front and it was around $5000. dollars. For us that covered everything, doctor, surgery, hospital room (one day), follow up, etc. My husband came home that night and was very sore for about one week.

Good luck. The first year after it was done was an emotional rollercoster for us. He had two sons we were raising and I had waited until I got married to have children (age 27) and it still did not happen. Everyone else I have known to do this procedure had successful outcomes, I guess it just wasn't meant to be and I am now OK with that. His boys have blessed us with 5 grandbabies, so I have had enough diapers, bottles, teething, spit-up, etc. but, I would not change any of it.

Miss C

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sort of....

No personal experience, but I am a reversal baby, as is my little brother. Daddy had the operation done during a previous marriage, had it undone after he married mom, and had it redone after my little brother was born. As for cost, I can't be of any help here. He had it 25 years ago and was in the military besides. Anyway.....


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Was a success!

My girlfriend and her husband had it done in 2001. Their baby daughter was born April 2005. It did take a while but they finally had success!

Since he is active duty, I don't think they had to pay much and perhaps not anything.

Hope that helps!