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Vent!!!!!! The nail in the coffin



Today after school I was working on the computer in one of the 3 classrooms I have to share with other teachers (5 classes, 3 different rooms). As I was working, the teacher who has a majority of her classes in that room came in and proceeds to tell me that the Supervisor has decided that my 10th period class will have to move, because she will have a new class next marking period and the room that she was assigned to does not have enough room. My class will be forced to move to one all the way down the hall, which has always been free 10th period. The room is 1/4 bigger than the class I'm in now.

I tell her that I have a large class, that I don't know if the new room can accommodate 27 students. If so, why doesn't she hold her classes there? It would be just as easy to move in additional seating for her class as it would for mine and they would have more room. She told me the decision had already been made (without my input).

I went to the Supervisor right away and tell him I would have appreciated it if he had asked for my opinion, since it was my class that was going to have to move. He tells me that, in fact, the decision has not been made yet (I don't know if he was back pedaling or not). I explained to him that it would take continuity and predictability away from my class, which they have been struggling with all year (I'm the second teacher they've had due to resignations...and not the last). I also noted to the Supervisor that my replacement, if he decides to move this class, will have 5 classes in 4 different classrooms. It defies logic and common sense to move a class that has been in place for 1/2 of a year so she can sit where she wants (in the entire classroom, for 2 periods a day, I have been delegated 1/2 a wall, one file cabinet and one shelf on a 4-shelf bookcase and a 1 foot space on the desk...I suppose it's better than a cart, or is it?). I followed up my conversation with him in an email, which I copied to her.

I just couldn't let this happen without voicing my opinion, and even though I gave notice recently (I've been at the school for 5 months and still don't have phone extension, and it took them 50 days to get my mentor which delayed my licensing, and it's one of the least supportive departments I have ever worked with, we don't have enough books so I have to make 50 copies of the text every day...to name just a few problems...) I still care for the best interest of the students, who I know will feel like cast-offs if they must move. He told me via email he will let me know what he decides.

So here's the million dollar question...what do I say to my replacement? I know it would be VERY unprofessional to warn him/her to keep her wits about her and have a strong voice, but would it be a kindness??

Ahhhh, thanks, I feel much better!!


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I had to suffer through the "cart" thing

and it really stinks, but I'd almost rather have a cart than have my stuff strung through 3 (or 4) different rooms. I remember that by the end of the day I just wanted to CHOKE somebody just from the stress of trying to drag that cart through the overcrowded halls and push through kids who have no manners whatsoever. Good luck.