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Verb activities


Student Teach

Does anyone have any ideas for hands-on verb activities? I'm looking for something interactive or for small groups. Thanks!


After talking about what a verb is, we play charades. THey get a hoot out of doing their action (jumping, running, etc) and the others ove guessing. I even caught some of them playing it out at recess, so I guess it stuck!


Senior Member

I have also played the game of charades with my class too.

Another thing I have done is using a blank word card template and wrote verbs and nouns in the boxes. We read through the words and then I let the kids cut out the words by cutting on the lines. Then, I have a sheet of paper that I have labeled NOUNS and VERBS. The students read words again (at this time of the year I call out the words and have them find the word), then they decided if it is a noun (something that they can touch or feel) or a verb (something they can do/action). They glue it down under the correct heading. The kids love to do this. I usually do this kind of activity a couple of times as a whole class, then I let them do it independently as much as they can.