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Veteran's Day activities



Does anyone have any great Veteran's day activities? I'm trying to think of a great way to pay tribute to our Veterans.


Veteran's Day

A few years back I created a simple form that I have used ever since. It gave the students a chance to interview their own family about relatives who may have been veterans. It had columns to fill in headed: relative's name/relationship, branch of government, years served, duties. Some students' families had no veterans and simply stated that. Others enjoyed discussing with their families and learned something new about their relatives. The students shared with the class the following week.


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I like the idea of interviewing family members...

I usually bring in my husband, in full military uniform and he spend the entire day with us (if his schedule allows). The kids ask him questions and he does really well with answering them, and fielding the not-so-good ones (Have you ever killed anyone? - he gets asked that every year). Last year the kids made card and we sent them to a friend who was at the time in Iraq who dispersed them to others over there. We even had a few write us back!

We also have a school-wide contest of which class can have the highest % of students wear red, white, and blue.


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Veteran's Day

My school is small. Here are some of the activities.
- My class is doing a little skit for the school, and the first graders are singing "Proud to Be an American."
-The entire school is participating in a flag activity. Some parents made a huge paper American flag. Each student in the school is invited to write some words of thanks to the vets. The flag will be taken to a local VA nursing home.
-Fifth grade is memorizing a poem that they wrote to say to the vets who will be visiting during our assembly. (We invited any affiliated with our school.)
-Fourth grade is taking the letters in Veterans Day and writing words of meaning for each letter in those words.
-Second grade is writing letters to various veterans.
-The entire school is sending letters and care packages to <annysoldier.com> or <anysoldier.org>, which is correct.

Perhaps that will help or spur a thought. (PS: I found the skit either by going to the archives here, or by doing a Google search).


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We live in a very small town. Our K-6 plus HS band put on a parade on main street. The students carry posters and banners while marching to the band. We ususally have a speaker also. It is always a huge hit with the community.