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visual impairment teacher



Are there a lot of job opportunities for teaching students with visual impairments? If I get certified will I have more earning potential?


There is a great need for teachers in the area of visual impairment. If you are an itinerant you may be the only vision teacher in your district if it is in a rural area. Case loads vary from area to area. Some places you may only have 2 or 3 students....other places 25+ students. Depends on students needs and where you live.

If you pick up your VI license and an O&M license you will be in high demand. Most schools pay on a standard scale...others have ways of working things out.

It is a demanding job and there are a lot of challenges...I find those that stay in the field are very determined individuals who like challeges.

I hope this gives you some insight.

Mommy Teacher

New Member
Visual impairments

As a mother of a visual impaired son, I am very grateful to the itinerant Visual teacher. My son needed sharp contrast on printed material and large print texts etc. So his case was not as critical as others. As a special ed teacher now, I use what I learned while he was in school, life experience, and eduction to serve other students in need. The road is not easy, money may not be the greatest, but serving and helping have their own rewards. Good Luck whatever you choose to do.
Mother of a son in need