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Vocabulary Game


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Well, I'm still sick, and really not in the mood of posting much. The only good thing is at least I do think I'm feeling slightly better than 24 hours ago. I still have hopes that with a weekend of rest, I can kick this bug before Tuesday.

So, as I don't have much to say (as I've been collapsed on the couch almost the whole day), I figured I'd share another site. I stumbled upon it earlier this week, and although I haven't had a chance to use it with my students, it looks like a neat vocabulary game. The site is called Free Rice and apparently for each word you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice through the United Nations to those in need. I played for a bit. It's probably a vocab. game best suited for middle and high school aged . . . but an interesting way to expand vocabulary nonetheless.


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Sorry you're sick

The one thing I really hate about teaching is the constant colds I have to endure. It's really getting me down. I'm about to the point where I'm going to spray Lysol on the kids as they enter the class. <!--grumpy-->