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Vote on a name please!!!


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gets my vote too! I think it sounds nice with middle name.

Quick story, I had a friend who didn't have a name for her girl when she was born, and they almost called her Noname (no name) pronounced Nona Mae. Sorry, I have to tell that everytime someone is trying to think of a girls name. Good luck and congratulations!
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how unique!

I like Itzel because it's unique. What's it's origin? My second choice would be Zoe. Sophie is a little too popular for my taste! Congrats!! :D


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My vote is....

I prefer Zoe out of the four choices. It's cute but still will work for an "adult name"


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I like Sofie and Zoe, but I agree with a lot of others and would name her Sofia instead of Sofie and call her Sofie. I think both go great with the middle and last names.


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The origin of Itzel is Mayan. It was the name of the goddess of the moon and means "evening star". My first born daughter's name is Yareli Angeli. Yareli is also Mayan and it means "light of life." That's why I was thinking of sticking with a mayan name, so their names could have something in common.


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I like

Sofie and Zoe. Both are very nice names. :) I've seen many people say that Sofie is too popular. Must be a regional thing because I only know one Sophie and she's in college. I do know two little girls (both 3 years old) named Zoe. :)


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I vote for Sofie! <!--lovestruck-->

Thanks for letting us help. It's been years since I had to think about baby names. That was fun. :D


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About two years ago I would wonder what we would name our second daugher. I remember one weekend just thinking about that and mentioning to my husband how much I liked the name Sofie. Then at the mall my daughter started to play with a little girl. I asked her mom what was her name...it was Sofie. I just thought it was a sign from above that a was going to have another daughter named Sofie. Or was it a big coincidence?