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wacko parent/school employee


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I have a parent that is realllly nit picky and a wack job. Just found out she will be our substitute nurse tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we'll have a snow day.:-)


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Talk with all the teachers and have them send kids left and right to the nurse to keep her busy and out of your hair :)


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So funny...

I had a parent of an A student ream me out because her daughter botched an assignment. The student was still on track to get an A on her report card, she just made some errors due to absences. The mom got so upset, she ended up crying. Imagine my dismay when this lady got a job making copies for us teachers! We get along great now, but I felt a little awkward when I first realized we were going to be working together! If you depend on a paraprofessional to make your copies, you know how important it is to maintain a good relationship. Hope your situation turns out as well as mine has.


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A few years ago in a different school district, I had a student try to hit me. He was transferred to a different school. Meanwhile, the school hires his mom to be an assistant working in another grade. The student would sometimes wait for his mom to get done working at our school. He wasn't supposed to be at our school but was for about 1/2 hour in the office because his got out earlier.