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Waitress Interview Questions



Hello All

I recieved some posts to my question earlier if anyone had ever waitressed before, and I appriciate all of your input! It was absolutely wonderful

But, now I am trying to prepare for my interview What types of questions do they ask?

If someone is unsatisfied with their meal or drink what do you do?

Other things you can think of that might help me would also be greatly appriciated!!

Hope to hear from you all soon and Happy Thanksgiving!

teach & learn

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I asked my daughter

who waitresses while in college and she said they asked about previous experience (she had none), about using a computer/register type system, experiences dealing with people (she had retail experience), and why they thought they should hire her.

Good Luck!


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My thoughts

Depending on the environment you'll be in (family or adult), I think it's important to mention that you realize customers with kids have different needs. I know that when we go out for dinner, I REALLY appreciate a waitress who pays special attention to my kiddos. (extra napkins, drinks with lids, ketchup, crackers, etc).

In fact, we went out tonight and the waitress asked if she should bring my daughters meal out when it was finished rather than when EVERYTHING was ready-- that was so awesome because my 3 year old was starving and she would've gotten "antsy" and I didn't even think to ask for that.