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Wake up call


Senior Member
My most challenging fifth grade boy this year has been a challenge in so many areas. I have found it very difficult to respond to him professionally and respectfully, but I try very hard. Within the last month, he's turned around and started using the suggestions and techniques I've been recommending and making gains academically and behaviorally.

After school today, I found a note in my desk. In huge colored letters, it read I LOVE YOU. It was signed by my challenging boy. I am humbled and inspired. ( and teary eyed)


Senior Member
Beautiful. I am sure this meant the world to you. All of your patience, hard work and perseverance made a difference to this boy. It's a good reminder to all of us, especially when we feel discouraged, resentful or unnoticed. We don't always get a confirmation that we make a difference, but we need to remember that we do.

Thanks for sharing.