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Ways for students to spend class $...not auctions?



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For the past several years, I have had students use their classroom cash that they earned go towards rewards that I do not have to buy or spend money on. But I want to add a few more since I'm a new school and am going with a fresh outlook on many of my old routines.

Anyone have some ideas I could add to the ways they can spend their cash?

Here's what I have so far:
Lunch time with a friend
Sit next to a friend all day
Free computer time for projects/creations
Take over any classroom job for a day
Help out a younger class during lunch
Extra minute for 132 Quiz
Sit in a Comfy Chair, Beanbag, Dishchair for a week
Buy 5 points for your group
Join a friend during Lunch Club
Buy the class a math game on Friday
Join a friend during Fun Friday (only 1 pink slip allowed)
Buy 5 extra minutes of Read-Aloud (must be given in the morning)
Get a drink whenever you want for a day
“FREE”DOM Pass valid for one month

Any other ideas for big and small type things? I used to have an extra turn in Homeworkopoly (but I am doing Homework Bingo this year).


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Classroom Money

Here is the list that I did for my fourth graders. It probably has a lot of duplicates.
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I used to LOVE to help a teacher...

How about...
Sit in TEACHER's desk
Write in a pen/ marker (I don't know if you allow that)
Choose the _____________ (homework/ assignment like do odds or evens)


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*Line Leader for a day
*5 Minutes extra recess for the day
*1 Extra credit point (written on a coupon/slip and then can be attached to any assignment/test/quiz/project, etc. -you may need a limit on these so the extra credit doesn't make their grade inaccurate
*1 Homework extension pass-I am not a fan of a "no homework pass" because I feel like if I let one student get out of it, what is the point of the homework in the first place, but this pass would not excuse them from the homework, just give them a 1 day extension.
*Sit at the teacher's desk