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wedding party gifts??




I am looking for ideas for my wedding party. I do not know what to get my bridesmaids and groomsmen for gifts. Does anyone have any ideas? I would like to do something different. I am not sure I want to give the traditional gifts. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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How about....

manicures/pedicures for the ladies? You could do that the day before the wedding- sort of a mini-get away from all the stress and enjoy your friends before all the main events? Have no idea about the boys....


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wedding gift idea

you could buy them their jewelry for the wedding. This is what I have gotten in the last 3 weddings I was in and it was nice. I am also doing that for my girls.


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wedding party gifts

This may sound terrible but I think if you buy the jewelry they wear in the wedding you should also include something personal. The idea of the gift is a token of your friendship/appreciation for participation in your big day. I know that jewelry is nice but the stuff you get in these situations isn't something that was personally picked out with the person in mind. It's something that matches the dresses/theme/whatever. So, it's not necessarily something the person will wear again.

Some ideas for the girls:

Bath and Body - anything
nice chocolates - Godiva or similar

The gifts really depend on the age/type of girl. If they are younger then funky personalized t-shirts could be fun.

Guys are more difficult I think - my husband did hats and shirts from their favorite football team. For sports-loving guys, you could do anything with the team logo - coffe cups, can coolers, etc.

Other ideas:

Food gift certificates

I'm big on the idea that it doesn't have to be something engraved or a keepsake type item. It's your wedding, not theirs, and that type of item won't mean nearly as much to them.


Wedding Party ideas

Thank you for your ideas. I was thinking food gifts and tickets also. I feel everyone has received something engraved. It usually ends up in a closet some where. I am for practical and personal.



I just got married last month...here is what we did...

Groomsmen-cufflinks (they all work in office-type jobs where they have to dress up, so they typically wear cufflinks) We bought a nicer brand different styles for each.

Ushers-They were my younger brothers, and their favorite store is Hollister. We gave them each a gift certificate to Hollister. Something we knew they'd really like and definitely use.

Bridesmaids-I spent a little too much!
-pajamas from Victoria Secret (bought online for $20 per pair-come with pants, tank top, and button down top)
-mini spa kit from VS (also ordered online)
-underwear with the British flag...my husband is from England, so it was more of a joke
-necklace and earrings for the wedding-but they were simple so they can wear them again.