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wedding reception


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Hello everyone! I am getting married next Friday in Key West on a cruise. Because of this, many of our family and friends won't be there, so we've planned a reception at our home in January. The wedding is set and everything is ready, but now it's time to start thinking about the reception and how to make my house look nice for it.
We've already decided on a few things. 1) We've got the TV that you can put your memory card in, so we will be running our pix from the cruise and the wedding during the party. 2) I've just booked an acoustic guitarist to play for 3 hours. 3) My friends are great hostesses and have agreed to cater. We still need to plan a refreshments type menu. And decorations.

Any nice ideas for food and decorations? We do have a large patio area with a pool (and yes, we are in Florida). We will have the patio area decorated with white lights, floating candles, and burning chimineas. Anything else?


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I am a member of theknot.com. There are tons of decoration ideas. People make a personal webpage so you can click on their name and see their ideas.

I am doing floating candle centerpieces, luminaries, and a cake table runner with a monogram