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wedding shower



My friend is getting married in Sept. Her shower is going to be in May. What are some cute favor ideas? Game ideas? Any suggestions are welcomed!


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My shower was last weekend, and I loved this "game". My cousin called my fiance and asked him 15 questions. At the shower I was also asked those 15 questions and had to answer how he would/see if our answers were the same. It's like "How Well Do They Know Each Other". You can also video record the groom ahead of time, and play it at the shower stopping after the question is asked (before he answers), have the bride answer, and then play the tape showing how the groom answered.

Here are the questions:
When is your mom's b-day?
When is her mom's b-day?
Where did you meet (give details)?
Where/When was your first kiss?
When did you decide that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her?
What would she say is her biggest pet peeve about you?
What is your biggest pet peeve about her?
How many children do you plan to have?
What are the name of your children?
What do you love most about her?
What would she say she loves most about you?

You could ask SO many questions. It's not exactly a game for the guests, but it's really fun for them to listen to the responses, and they can learn a little something about the bride and groom.

Good luck

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Maybe I just hang around with weird people, but everyone I know HATES playing games at showers. They prefer refreshments, a door prize, and conversation . . . along with watching the couple open gifts, of course.


A couple ideas

Our pastor's daughter got married last year, and I hosted her shower:

We sent everyone a recipe card in the shower invitations. They were to write a family favorite recipe on it and bring it with them to the shower. We had the recipe box full of great recipes from family and friends to present the bride-to-be.

I did a game where I put about 12 cooking utensils on a pizza pan. Put a couple specialty utensils with it. Keep it hidden until people are supposed to look. Walk around and let people look for 2 seconds. Put it away. Shower-goers write down every one they remember. Whoever gets the most wins.

Do a crossword, word-find, or a "how many words can you come up with from the word..."

Give each person a strip of paper and have them write a sentence or two of advice to the bride-to-be. Collect them and have her read them out loud.

We presented all gifts won back to the bride-to-be. Picture frames, cute notepads, an address book, kitchen utensils, and such were inexpensive and useful.
We recruited some good cooks to bring brunch items and juices. I made the cake and everything went off without a hitch!


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Bridal shower

When I was getting married, 24 years ago, my coworkers gave me a shower. Each person invited to the shower was given a time of the day - ie. 7 am, 8 am, 9 am, etc. The gift they brought to the shower had to relate to the time they were given. I got coffee mugs for 7am, wine glasses for 8 pm, dish towels for 12 noon, cook book for 6 pm, etc. It was fun to see how creative everyone could be with the time they were given and I got great gifts too.