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Weekend Plans


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Any exciting weekend plans?

I was supposed to help DD (16) paint the sun porch. She is supposed to be moving her room out there and out of the dungeon of our basement. But, we discovered water damage when she moved a bookcase out of the way. DH has no idea what he is doing, but somehow thinks he is going to fix it. He doesn't even know where the water is coming from. <!--grumpy-->
So instead I am spending the weekend watching tv and shopping online.

I know many of you live much more glamorous lives<!--giggle--> What are you up to?


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Ordered the Aussie Cobb Salad at Outback and that was my excitement of the day.
That means I had 2 days of a Outback, last night was center-cut sirloin. Oh the life I lead is sooo thrilling. Oh I forgot, brought joy to my nieces and their families by buying them Dairy Queen last night<!--giggle-->


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Nothing glamorous, but relaxing to know I still have tomorrow off.
I am preparing for company for next weekend. (My parents will be visiting for a few days.) I am baking (which I rarely do otherwise) and cooking ahead a bit. I went on a big grocery shopping trip this afternoon, brought home several big bags, and just now realized I forgot to get eggs, which I really need for the batch of homemade rolls I was going to make tonight:p
So, back to the grocery tomorrow....


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I am staying at a friend's house enjoying her air conditioner during this horrible heat wave. We went to two movies yesterday but it's too hot to venture out today. So we are reading and chatting and napping and internet surfing... So glamorous! :p


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4-day weekend for me

Just the right amount of excitement for me so far. Highlights include: lunch with great friends, ice cream shop date with DH, a day-long deep cleaning of the kitchen with DH, time on the patio, online fall/winter clothes shopping.

Even more thrills to come: finish a book order for work, straighten my closet (to make room for more clothes), and sit on my a$$.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


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I spent the weekend working in my craft room. I organized,cajoled dh to help build an organizer with me and figured out how to do fine line drawings with Cricut Mug press software. Walks in my neighborhood were pleasant as the weather is hovering in the mid sixties. No sweater and lots of redwood trees to enjoy.


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I volunteered at the Art Gallery today. I checked names off a list, watched an excruciatingly dull slide show with an interpretive dancer moving about in front of the slides (I tried really hard not to roll my eyes...), and then was a helper for the crafty family thing. That part was fun!

On my way home, I stopped at the TaiwanFest booths that had hardly any people at them because it rained today for the first time in weeks so people stayed home in droves. I made a paper lantern and a printed card and I got to play an interesting rattling instrument.

Tomorrow, Man and I will pick beans, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, basil, blueberries, raspberries from our garden.


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This is my last weekend before I go back to work. I've been taking it easy. I went out to breakfast this morning with a couple of friends. I went grocery shopping and did some light cleaning around the house. I really wanted burgers on the grill, but it's just me this weekend and it's too darn hot to light my charcoal grill for just me. I have one more day. I'm planning on doing a little pampering: foot soak and scrub with fresh nail polish, face mask, fresh nail polish, and maybe deep condition my hair. I was happy to see that the new clothes I ordered online arrived this weekend. I wasn't too thrilled with the fit of some items, particularly the fit of the dress that looked great online but fit me like a Little House on the Prairie frock.

Ima Teacher

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We didn’t do anything exciting. We watched the Elvis movie, cleaned the aquarium, did some crafts, bought plane tickets for our cruise next summer, and bought a couple of excursions for it.


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No social plans this weekend, but it's still been nice to have the three days. Yesterday, I cleaned my entire house top to bottom, and traded out my summer decorations for my fall ones- my favorite! I've been putting off the cleaning for forever, and having the 3 day weekend was finally motivating enough. I felt like I could get it done but not have to "spend my weekend working" like it would feel in a typical weekend. I'd love to get on that 4 day schedule some districts have!

Today I drove to the Trader Joe's that's a bit farther away, but has a much bigger store and isn't so claustrophobic, and stocked up on some favorites. Tomorrow hopefully I can just sleep in and relax. I was peeved that I woke up at 7 AM this morning and couldn't fall back asleep! I hate wasting opportunities to sleep in!

So yeah, super exciting here!


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We have four days off, but nothing exciting going on. I think I have pink eye and we are in the middle of a heatwave so I have no desire to leave the house. We did go out to dinner at a new to us place last night and ran a few errands. I've worked on some crafts and enjoyed the start of football season. Today I've been incredibly lazy. I guess that's the joy of a long weekend! Tomorrow I'm headed to urgent care if my eye isn't cleared up and then I have a few things I need to work on for school.

Ruby tunes

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Weekend plans

I’m avoiding the SoCal heat wave by staying at my mountain cabin and visiting with friends who have a cabin close by mine. Today we went to a local quilt show which was fun. Even though I don’t sew at all, I enjoyed seeing so much creative talent. Friday and Saturday were devoted to cleaning out my cabin loft, closets, and shed, and then donating stuff to a church yard sale, so today was a nice break. This evening after a long walk with my dog, I joined friends for some delicious homemade ice cream.

Cat woman

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Yesterday I went to a friend’s place on the river. I brought some monarchs for her grandchildren to tag. We even caught one in her flower garden. It is a first time experience for young and old alike so I dusted off my teaching skills and taught everyone a quick lesson on monarch migration, life cycle, etc. LOL. My sister, her SO, and her dog were there so watching Maggie (dog) enjoy swimming was a lot of fun…..except when she would shake off river water on us! A friend from HS and her hilarious husband stopped by too,so it was a day well spent.

Today I think I will do a bit of yard maintenance and get started on machine embroidering my first tiling scene.
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Packing and cleaning house. I'm leaving for a two week trip to northern Michigan tomorrow! My nephew is getting married, up in the UP.

Cleaning so the cat sitter can be comfortable. She lives here when I am gone. It's a nice change of scene for her (she lives in senior housing and it's hard for her to get outside...here she can sit on the porch to do needlepoint) and company for the cat.

I will be absent from PT while I'm gone because my laptop is the only way I can access PT as a member these days, and I'm not bringing it. I can lurk, though.

We're driving out, but GF is going on to Jackson Hole to see his dd and his sister (last minute plan). I have to work, so I'm flying back on the 17th.


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My weekend was fun! Friday night we had fish tacos for dinner, then went out to check out a few stores to see if there were any sales. We also grabbed ice cream on my way home.

Saturday, we met my aunt, my cousin and her husband, and her two kids. We met in a city that was about half way for both of us. We went to a park and had snacks and the kids played. Then it started to rain, so we went to the mall and there was a giant arcade, so the kids played and we ordered pizza. Then my aunt came home with us for the weekend.

Sunday we went to mass and out to lunch. We also took some walks.

I'm not sure what we will do today. My aunt is going to head home, and I have some papers to grade and my weekly newsletter to send out. I also need to grocery shop for the week. However, I probably won't start any of that until later this afternoon. Maybe I'll go for a walk before buckling down and doing work.


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E drive up to Colorado. Saturday I used my kayak for the first time this summer as I can walk well enough to get it in car and to the lake. I fished for a bit but nothing was biting and I made it back to the house right before a larger rain storm.

Sunday we drive to Mesa Verde and I did a little trail walking for the first time this summer too! I feel great having gotten to do something finally after breaking my knee the end of May. Today I am going to go hit the lake again and try fishing a bit before we have to drive back home.

It has been relaxing and enjoyable.


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I actually prefer to spend our first long weekend of the SY here in the area.

I'm 7 weeks post hip replacement surgery, so am back to swimming and cycling! I am so happy and excited. In addition to cycling and swimming this weekend, I also made homemade soup, slept in, lazed around, went out to dinner...

Perfect 3 day weekend.


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weekend plans

I thoroughly enjoy reading the variety of plans PTer's have/do.

DD was here for a quick visit and helped decide and install the kitchen cabinet knobs. Went out to a BBQ restaurant and enjoyed the patio seating there. Then SIL is here for 2 days from Seattle. We're hiking later today at the arboretum. We picked some garden veggies for a salad (cukes, carrots, lettuce & spinach, basil, peppers). Will grill out chicken and potatoes too. Love having company!


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I love reading your plans! I cleaned most of the kitchen (DD is supposed to do the floor). I feel like I can cook a meal in there without giving us all food poisoning now:rolleyes:

Even though it's been a 3-day weekend, I wish I had a couple more days before going back to school.