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Weight Watchers Check-in


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I'm starting a new Weight Watchers discussion so we don't have to scroll all the way down to the old one. I had a disappointing weigh-in yesterday and gained .8 of a pound. I know it is not much, but still very disappointing! I'm getting ready to start my period, so I will blame it on that! Has anyone tried those Weight Watchers chocolate cakes? They look like Zingers, but don't have the cream filling in them. They are only 1 point each and very tasty!
RKM :s)


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That sounds good. I'll have to give them a try.

It's hard, teaching, and managing my weight. I eat school lunches because I'm so forgetful, I'd forget my lunch, otherwise. The odd hours we work make it hard to fit in exercise. Little problems like that add up big in pounds over time.


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I know how you feel

I do not do weight watchers currently but I ck in at my dr's office 1 x a month for a weight and bp check. Last month I lost 5 lbs. This month I stayed the same. I know it is better than gaining but......

Well I have another month to work on it. maybe, I'll do double digits like that castmates of the Big Loser

Good luck to all...


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Is it okay to join group late?

I started WW the week before school started--had a 17 pound loss in the first month. Then nothing came off for 6 weeks. This week, 8 lbs down. I think bodies just know what they need more than our desires to have immediate results. I did stick to the program more this week--journaled, exercised six days a week and drank tons of water. I know I probably won't loose next week, but I am going to stick with it. I bring my exercise clothes to school, I hired a young girl to get my elementary child off the bus and I make myself go to the gym. I keep thinking "Nothing tastes as great as healthy and thin will feel." What a struggle, but I know I am worth it!


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will have first weighin Monday

But have done good this week.
I have done ww in the past, but got lazy this summer and gained it back.


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hey, y'all...

I just wanted to check in and say that this week has been the craziest...I was working on Veteran's Day program, and Christmas programs all week long, so lots of extra practice for the veteran's Day program, and although all went well...a couple days at lunch, I was so busy I forgot to eat! And, of course, by that afternoon, on the way home, I would stop, and get something quick to eat. I didn't bother to weigh, since I lost those 10 pounds last week, but I'm almost sure I've gained some or maybe even all (ugh!!!) back...I just feel "Fat" this week.

Anyone ever "feel fat"?

Sounds crazy, but usually when I feel fat, I've gained...so I'm afraid to step near the scales.

Hey, by the way, to the new person, rb...I think your name was....awesome job!!! :)



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Joining up AGAIN!

Hey, Yall. I was a member of Weight Watchers about a year and a half ago. It was in my town so it was so easy to go to the meetings. I went every week and did everything by the book. I lost 75 pounds in about 9 to 10 months. Well, the leader could not conduct the meetings any more so it was cancelled in my town. There were more around but.... The closest one was about 45 minutes away. IT was okay during the summer but when schools started it was awful. My childern (4th and 5th graders) seemed to have the most homework on Monday night (meeting night). I stopped going thinking I could do it at home by myself. Big Mistake. I gained every bit back and probably more. I just stopped weighing. Good news! It is starting back up again but with a new leader. It will begin on Monday. I am planning on going. I will probably be so depressed when I see my weigh but I know it is a easy plan to follow and I can do it. I had debated about waiting to start in January but decided if I did not go ahead and do it now I would come up with another excuse in January. SO WISH ME LUCK!!!!


Good Luck!

I'll wish you good luck and want you to know that you are doing the right thing by starting sooner rather than later. It's a slow process with good weeks and not so good weeks, but life's a journey. I was only down .4 lb this week, but just keep saying that it could be worse. Sometimes a change in group and leader can really make a difference. I am sticking with it right now because I like the meeting I am attending so much.
Hang in there!

me too

weighed in

I weighed in on Saturday. I was down. Just take each day as it comes.


Weight watchers online

I started doing Weight Watchers online two weeks ago. So far have lost 2.4 lbs. I like it a lot. It motivates me to exercise and think about what I'm eating. WW is very balanced and fundamentally looks at overall fat and calories in a week via a point system. It's not been hard at all. Since I'm online a few times a day I keep up w/ my documenting my meals. I highly recommend it.