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Weight Watchers Check-in


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How did everyone do with weighing in after the Thanksgiving holiday? Most people in my WW at work group gained, but I actually lost 1.2 lbs. It was very exciting to lose after a major holiday. Has anyone tried the new WW candy called Fruities? Very yummy and 1 point for the whole pack!
RKM :)

Brooke S.

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can't do it...

I keep trying to get back going on WW again, and I just keep messing up. I think I'm addicted to eating bad food. Any suggestions?


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Happy to be back on again

I just started back on WW and lost 3.9 lbs this week. It feels so good! I can't wait until next weeks weigh in! Good luck to everyone. The WW carrot cakes are also good- little but good and only 1 pt.


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RKM...just go easy on the fruities...I ate a whole pack sitting in church one Sunday, and was using the restroom quite often the rest of the day...lol. ;)

I also like the chocolate muffins, and the blueberry ones as well...these are Weight Watchers products that are sold at my Wal-Mart, but only after one of the members kept hounding the manager about getting some WW products in their store...lol

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I tried to go easy on the mashed potatoes, by only having one spoonful, and I did eat a couple slices of turkey, and that was pretty much it. (I had a big breakfast at home before I went to my parents' house.)

Good luck this week, everyone. Last week, I lost 7 pounds...I think it was pretty much because I cut down on my Cokes...I cut down to one Coke a day, and didn't eat out until this weekend...no fast food is tough, when you live two blocks from three restaraunts...lol.



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Down last week...

Hi guys! I was down 1.4 last week so I met my goal!! Yay!! So I just started on maintenance. I am kind of thinking that this first week of maintenance might be a wash though bc we just had our staff party...a pasta buffet!! Super yummy but oh...oh...all the pasta!! I was proud of myself though...only one helping plus my salad and only one visit to the dessert buffet as well. But it was really rich food so even one helping is going to be quite a calorie fest. Oh well, but once a year, right? I am planning to be on point for the next three days til my next weigh in...I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the check in...I was wondering how everyone was doing! I am glad to see everyone is still motivated and staying strong. This is a tough season! I love those Fruities too...the lemon and the strawberry are the best! They last forever and a day bc they are so chewy...:p We don't have any of that other WW food that I can find...everything seems to come up slower from America. I have to go to the States next weekend though (my daughter's wants a certain toy from Santa and we don't have them here...argh! You hate for Santa to disappoint though) I will have to check then...Walmart, right? Thanks...Ally


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Good to see everyone back!

I'm so glad to see this thread active again. I slept late yesterday and didn't make it to my meeting. I did okay last week and would think that it would have been my usual 1-2 lb. loss. I didn't realize the Fruities were a point for the whole pack. It makes a whole lot more sense than a point for each one! It does caution about the possible laxative effect on the wrapper. I have to agree that it's true! I've started getting the WW candies in the drug stores in the Diet section. The holidays are hard, aren't they? We had a dinner at church last night that was especially hard for me. They brought the plates to the table and the amount of food on each plate was more than anyone needed to eat. I did okay, but not as well as I would have done if I'd served myself and walked away from the food. Oh well, tis the season:) I'm glad to see you guys again!


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My weigh in

Hi everyone...I just got back from my weigh in. I was up 0.8 lbs this week. I kind of expected it, but it is still disappointing. I will have to be much better about tracking my food intake this week. I got a bit lazy over the past few days so this is a wake up call!

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!-|--