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Weight Watchers Check in...


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Hello...I thought I would start a check in thread...although considering how hard the holidays are with all the temptations, maybe I will be all alone here!

I had my weigh in this morning and I am down 0.2lbs. I am quite pleased with that, given all the above mentioned treats that are all over the place. I am trying to just take a sampling of what I really really want and leave the stuff I might normally have eaten, but did not really want. Plus the water...I am a firm believer in the magic weight loss secret of water! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! :s)


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Still losing

My last weigh in...I lost 0.6 lbs and I was thrilled with that. I've lost a little over 22 lbs. I agree with the magic of water. I hope everyone is doing well. Happy Holidays to all and I hope everyone controls their cravings during this season. :)

Suzy Q

weight watchers

I am doing ww. on line. That seems much easier than going to a meeting. I agree with the water part of it..........I also try to walk each day. I usually do a mile to 2 miles....depending on daylight and winter temps.


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I'm Down

AS of last week, I am down 25 pounds. It is really slow but this is the longest that I have ever continued on a "diet". I do not think of it as a diet but a life change. I have a lot to go but at least I am not gaining.

Good luck to everyone over the holidays. If you have to bring food, bring something that you know you can eat!


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Checking in

I missed my meeting Saturday. I keep thinking that I'll catch another one now that we are out of school, but somehow it hasn't happened. It's hard not to thoroughly enjoy the food everywhere during the holidays, but I'm determined not to give up! I'm always so glad to see this thread revived here!


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needed this thread

Thanks, I needed this thread! Like everyone else I am trying very hard to stay focused this holiday season.
I plan to take each day as it comes this week and....... journal/track food, drink water (and then drink more water LOL) and walk. Maybe I will go play "dress-up" in my closet. That is usually pretty motivating (hehehe).
I weighed in on Saturday and was down. That makes 81.5 pounds.


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Anyone every try Core?

I'm thinking of trying Core for the next couple of weeks. I just want to try it out and see if it works for me. Has anyone ever done it? Any advice? Any good recipes?