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Miss C

Senior Member
Hi! And again, thanks for stopping by! :) I'm excited about my blog, and hope to make it really fun and maybe a little interesting too! You're welcome to pop in anytime for some entertainment! My misadventures have become legendary among my family (getting lost in Tacoma, Washington, driving around the ports with a large conversion van with a 350 engine that went vroom, vroom, vroom is one favorite. Thank God for kind firemen who pointed me to where I needed to be!). Anyway, my adventurousness has become slightly legendary here at school as well! Yesterday in science, we were discussing male and female conifer cones, and I decided on a whim to go explore and see if we could find examples of each on the pine trees on the school's property. We did. Yeah!
A little about me: I teach self-contained 6th grade in a small Christian school. I began the year with eight children, and somehow my group has expanded to 11. There are five girls and six boys, and I love them all dearly. All of my motherly instincts are lavished on them because I have no children of my own.
Here are some things we're learning: History of Civ. (right now, we're doing the Classical Age of India), Plant and Animal Reproduction (particularly touchy with adolescent bundles of hormones), Pronoun Usage (test on that today), Life of Christ, Finding Percentages, various and sundry spelling words (one of last week's was prisoner. It's the only one that my miscreant little guy got right. Should I be concerned????), and plot lines.
I'm in the midst of an interesting situation with a young man this week. He's currently deciding whether he is going to buckle down and do what he's expected to do or continue to be withdrawn, rebellious, and sullen. We've been patient, but he's crossed the line. His success or failure is riding on his shoulders, and we're not sure how he's going to respond to the challenge.
Lord, give me wisdom today. Help me to make learning attractive. Help me to love these children as you do. And help this one to come around to where he needs to be. I fear for Him, Father. Thank you for the awesome opportunity to partner with you in the training of servants for Your kingdom!