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Whales Unit?


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Anyone have useful ideas/activities/lessons/worksheets/projects you can mail me or share for teaching a unit on Whales as part of a springtime Ocean theme?


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Make little aquariums from clear plastic bottles. Put water, blue food coloring, oil and a few plastic whales It is so cool. The oil does not mix with the blue food colored water, and the sea creatures float around. Just be sure to hot glue the cap back on so that you do not have kids opening them up and making a mess

Salt Water Experiment: Did you know that it is easier to float in the ocean than in the swimming pool? Do you know why? Salt. The ocean is full of salt. Salt water can hold up more than plain water. That is why you can float in the ocean more easily. Try this experiment to see for yourself. You'll need:
*2 clear, wide mouth, plastic jugs or jars
*9 cups warm water
*1 cup salt
*raw potato
*measuring cup

Pour 4 and 1/2 cups warm water (half of the water) in one jar and add salt. Stir with spoon until salt has dissolved. Pour the other 4 and 1/2 cups of warm water (last half of the water) in the other jar. First put the potato into the jar without the salt and watch it sink. Then put the potato into the jar with the salt and watch it float.

Whales do not make noise through their mouth. They do use their blow hole to produce sound. Have your students experience this sound by using a simple balloon. Blow up a balloon and hold it tight in your fingers. Explain that whatles hold in air much like this balloon and they can let it excape as they please. Someitmes they let it out slowly by opening the blow hole just a little. Stretch open the top of the balloon and let the children hear the squeak of escaping air. Play a recording of whale sounds.

Books ----Humphrey--the lost whale by Wendy Tokuda
The Whales Song by Dyan Sheldon
Baby Beluga by Raffi

A whale is not as small as us.
Most whatles are bigger than a bus!
A whale is not like a fish in the sea.
A whale breathes air like you and me.
A whale can't walk upon th ground
A whale must swim to get around
A whale is a mammal just like me.
But its home is in the deep blue sea.


Paper Bag Whales

Do a search online for these. We made them out of lunch bags. While we were creating, we talked about the different parts of the whale: ears, eyes, flukes, blowhole, etc.

We even hung them from fishing line from the ceiling, like they were swimming!

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Check out acsonline.org It is far and away the best whale related website I have seen. There is an entire activity book that can be printed, plus info. on whale sounds, diving, sizes etc. Students can choose a whale and look at infomation on it.
Also, call you local museums to see if they have whale kits. I did this and the kit contained lesson plans, maninpulatives, activities, plus bones, teeth and a lower jaw of a dolphin. It was a huge hit!


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Whale kits from museums

Hi! I'd love to know what museums you contacted. That's a great idea! Do you have any info you can postal mail to me or would like to share? Please email me.