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what a dilemma


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I am retiring at the end of the year! YAY! We are moving to a new town and are trying to decide on two houses to buy. My husband is going to work there. I need advice from expert retirees on which would be best.
One house is huge and homey and in town(4500 sq feet.) It was built in 96. It would be wonderful to have family and guests feel comfortable when they visit, as well as their dogs. It is also beautiful. The downside is that the gorgeous view could be ruined if someone were to buy a lot in front of it to ruin the view. But, it is still a wonderful and beautiful and comfortable home. Family, pets, and guests would feel at home.

The other house is on the Golf course. We love golf and my husband REALLY loves golf. The golf course is semi private and unless you own property on the course, you cannot purchase a golf pass. The house is beautiful and and a new build. It is smaller than the other, and not as pet and guest friendly, but it is still lovely. My husband could come home and walk out the front door and golf. For personal life style it would be great. There are book clubs and other social involvements within the membership.

I am retiring- so I will be home during the day in a new town, trying to find my identity without teaching. I would love for family and guests to be comfortable, but I would also love to have the availability of golf for my husband and I.

I need your opinions. HELP!!! We need to make a decision soon.


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go with the golf. You can enjoy that every day. The visitors will not be there every day and will be fine wherever you live.

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Second house

I agree with Riverdad, you can golf every day but you likely won't have visitors all the time. Plus, the second house would seem to have a built in community as I assume it is part of a country club or something of that sort, so meeting new people would be easier. I wouldn't buy the first house unless you can also buy the lot that would block your view. It's not worth the stress of worrying about what if someone builds there. Both houses do sound very nice......good luck!

One negative about the golf course house would be that it's not as pet friendly, but there may be ways of addressing that. Would that be a concern for you or for visitors, or both?


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I vote the golf one, too! Instant social network, smaller house to clean, and someone else will be tending very carefully to your view. My aunt and uncle have a house like that, and love it.


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Which house

I had to weigh in as we are also trying to sell a big house and purchase a one floor, newer home. Go with simple. New construction means you are not looking at new furnaces, roofs, updates, ect. For many years to come. Less space, less clutter and belongings to interfere with just living life. I don't play golf, but your situation for your husband to have what he loves available as soon as he walks in from work is rare. It sound like a few ways to get you started on where your life will focus now also. Sounds perfect to me. The big 4500 square foot house sounds like big heating and repair bills (1995...in five to 10 years everything will start needing to be replaced). All so guests will be more comfortable occasionally? Make two lists with your husband and see hitch is longer to help make this decision. Small houses rule!


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I agree with everyone

GOLF, plus, it's nice to want to entertain, but do you really want to spend your retirement running a bed and breakfast? Maybe you do, I don't know, but remember, retirement is a process, and although you might want this right now while you are still teaching, when you actually retire and detach from teaching, you may enjoy things you can't imagine right now. Keep it simple.
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Totally agree!

Except for 2 years in an apartment when we first got married, my dh and I have always lived in the same small, ranch-style house. Although it has felt a bit too small at times, I'm finding I appreciate my home more than ever now. Heating/cooling bills, maintenance costs, cleaning---It's all pretty reasonable. I love ease and simplicity in retirement. :)


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I vote golf course!

Since I was a little girl I have LOVED golf courses! I love the smell of them, the green of them, and the fun things attached to them like clubhouses, restaurants, and swimming pools. I can only play golf with an invisible ball, but I would love living near a golf course.... My DH plays. I think it sounds absolutely perfect for retirement. A big 4 bedroom house could eventually become TOO big!


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go smaller

Having been retired for over 3 years now (wow)...my dh and I live in a 2600 sq. ft. home. You know the saying "stuff will always expand to fill the available space"! Well as you get older, mature, you don't need all that stuff! Think one story house, in case your knees, or hips go out. I have suggested to my dh we could move to a smaller home in a retirement community but OH NO! So we continue to sort and get rid of all the stuff that has accumulated and someday we will downsize. Dh also has 2 acres to care for LOL
I'm sorry if I am rambling tonight.
Bottom line is go small.


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Thank you

Thank you all for your input. We have pretty much decided on the golf course smaller home. Your thoughts were helpful. I just need to quit looking at pictures of the other gorgeous home!
We should be moved and into it by Sept. thanks again.