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What are ya'll wearing first day?



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I have been teaching a number of years, so I am not a first year teacher. However, I just want to wear something comfortable but neat looking and professional first day. Just wondered what others wear the first day. I am short and kind of apple shaped and full busted, hope that is not TMI. I am not the most fashion savvy, but not the worst.


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I always laugh at how we all dress up. My school teaching staff mostly dress professional. We do jeans on Friday but most pair with a nice shirt and heeled boots. Otherwise we do a lot of nice pants and FLATS! I am one of the more casual in cords most fall/winter days. There are not real rules but no one takes advantage like some places I've hard of where sweats become normal. We are a primary building though so we are usually pretty comfortable and simply dressed. However the first day we all sport the "back to school" look just like the kids.
I almost always wear a dress and am sure I will this year. It shouldn't really matter but it does. Parents are often there at arrival and it is the only time we really go out and bring the kids in all year. I usually take some pictures. ALso, it is still warm here in NY and most dress are pretty comfy in the heat!


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I found a cute button down tan shirt waist dress, that I'll wear with sandals on the first day. I just need to find some cute jewelry, as I am not the most fashion savvy either.


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I like to wear my yellow loose fitting dress with comfortable shoes. It is still hot here and may be in the 100's. Which means we will probably not go out for recess! UGH!


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I used to love picking out my outfit for the first day....usually a summery dress or colorful skirt with new sandals. Now, we all have to wear a t-shirt with our school mascot on it. It's not a bit cute, and it's not a color that looks good on me. Blah! :(


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I got a chuckle when I read your posting ABHM. So much is shared on PT and I guess a lot of us, like you are really wondering about what to wear that first day! Most of the time I wear dress pants with a blouse or sweater. The kiddos don't start 'til Sept. 7 but if it remains hot for a while as it has been all summer, I will be wearing a dress for the first day.


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I have a dress that I'd like to wear, but after seeing the previous post about having to wear a school shirt, I better write that down as a question I need to ask. I never thought I'd have soooo many questions! :)


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Campus t-shirt

Our school has a shirt made every year with our theme for that year. We all wear that T-shirt and black pants. It really cuts back on the extra "stress" of figuring out what is an appropriate and yet comfortable outfit to wear.

A side note: it is completely optional as well.


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First Day Dress

Our P wants us to wear our new school shirts but she has also said she wants us to wear them the day before for meet the teacher.

But for my first day that I will dress I plan on wearing red capris, a blue and white mandrin sleeve less shirt and fancy flip flops.


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I, along with most of the other teachers at my school, always wear a dress the first day. It's funny because after a week or so, we always resort back to our pants. Our school is pretty casual.


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What not to wear

Oh no. I hope we don't have to wear school shirts. I hate them. I don't know yet what it is like but I already know I'd rather wear a dress or pants and cute top.
It will be in the 90's still. I'm also wondering if our new principal will talk about what not to wear. Some staff wear flip flops and spaghetti straps showing lots of cleavage, others honestly don't look so smart. I want people to take care of themselves and look their best and don't undestand why they don't. Aware of being judgmental and trying not to be.


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Don't own any dresses!!

Sitting criss cross applesauce or bending down on my knee, I haven't owned a dress in years... have a couple cute summery skirts, but I LIVE in capris and dressy tanks for May, June and September. I'm thinking the heat is going to continue into September and we don't have A.C. either, so the dressy tank tops and capris, with dressy flip flops or sandals, will save my life during those beginning days! (PS -- I try to wear the same outfit for our summer pre-visit so that my kiddos recognize me easier in the swarm of students filling the halls as they arrive on that first official morning!)


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I found a cute black scarf with polka dots (my classroom theme/along with ladybugs) that I couldn't resist. My dd (11) talked me into using that with black capris and a white shirt. I did draw the line when she recommended black and white polka dot Chuck Taylors though. ;)


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I wore a tank style gray dress with gray and white stripes for the top and a white short sleeve summer sweater with red sandals.

Tuesday I wore: a loft sundress with a black short sleeve sweater and black sandals.

Weds. - beige dress shorts, heels and off white dressy top.

I won't bore you anymore. You get the idea ;)

Have a great first week back, or second!!!