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What are you doing for V-Day?


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I teach 4th grade and I'm looking for cute ideas to use as a door display for Valentine's Day. Any catchy sayings? Send your creative ideas my way!!!!


The heart of _______

"The heart of (your school or class' name)!"

Then display little hearts with the kids names all over the door.


I actually "Double Dip" on this. I make a big black pot out of construction paper, then I have my students cut out hearts of red, white, and pink paper. I label it, "I know someone with a heart of gold" on their heart they tell who they think is so special and why. Then I am ready for St. Pat's day with my black pot!! (Oh yeah, I cut out pieces of gold coins to put in the pot, and my hearts go around this!)



I teach 4th also. I usually set up my room to do centers all day. I recently found out that Oriental Trading sells the conversation hearts as stickers. I planned to purchase them and have the students create a story using them. That would be one center. Another center is to allow 4 -6 children pass out their valentine's. I can play 'Find Cupid' (like battleship) with one group. I give the students 1/2" squares and they plot the coordinates. I have 3 or 4 Answer sheets, so the others won't hear the places to find 'Cupid'. Another center is centered around poetry. Usually I choose rhyming or Haiku. I've also used a Venn Diagram to compare two things, and then have the students write it out as a poem without the circles. I try to also have a user-friendly Science experiment for a center. Last a short story for them to read and respond to. I hope this helps! Enjoy your day!