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What are you doing?


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This board is great! But I don't always feel it is used in a way that is helpful to the regular classroom teacher. So, I was wondering if everyone might take a minute to post what grade you teach and what crafts you are doing in the next few weeks or this month.

I teach 3rd grade.

We have done ocean in a bottle (maybe more science,but fun). Fill water bottle half with water and add blue food coloring. SHake to mix. Fill bottle with vegetable oil. Once it settles you can lay it on its side and make waves by just tipping it a bit from side to side.

Rainbow snowflakes - Take a coffee filter and draw designs with water color markers. SPray with water until the ink bleeds, then let dry. Cut filters in a snowflake. Cute poem - We're tired of winter days, Being cold and wet and gray. So we asked the weather wizard, If he'd make a rainbow blizzard.

WHat are you doing?:s)


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I teach first grade.

I took a blackline picture of a snowman, copied it onto blue construction paper and my students painted it using q-tips by dotting paint on the page. (this method is called stippling).

I made my students trace and cut out penguins on construction paper. On the white belly I had them write their new year's resolutions.

My students are completing a snowman glyph using construction paper.

We're making polar bears out of torn pieces of construction paper. Kind of like a mosaic. (I think I spelled that wrong)

That's all I've planned for now but I'm still looking for more art projects. We try to do at least one a week in centers. My kids are really into artistic things this year so I'm trying to incorporate it wherever possible.


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I teach grade 6. We just finished discussing portraits and I've shown then how to draw a face-correct proportions, etc. We will do a project where I cut a picture of a face in half vertically, they glue it on a piece of paper, then draw the other half. We may also do a type of Picasso portrait and/or an Egyptian type portrait.
What I am doing

I teach 3rd grade.

In the January issue of the Instructor magazine was an Art lesson in the style of Keith Haring. I copied the figure that it included. The students had to cut it out then put the posable figure together with paper fasteners. Then they had to trace it on 5 different colors of construction paper and pose it in 5 different positions. Then they cut each out and glued them on a long white piece of const. paper. Allow an hour to do it for 3rd graders but they loved it. The projects turned out great and the kids learned about an artist too.

We are going to make tissue paper Monets next week. I drew 4 different water lily pics and ran them on construction paper. The kids are going to use glue, water, and torn tissue paper to fill in the pictures. It will be messy but I think they will enjoy blending the colors together.

Paper plate snowmen that I found on Enchantedlearning.com if we ever see snow again will be coming.


What we are doing

5th and 6th grades - doing a study on Georgia O'Keeffe and moving into abstracted Floral watercolors.


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I teach different ages K-8 and sometimes adults with different-abilities and college students.

This May I will be working with students K-8 and we will be studying the different aspects of painting and drawing. We will draw from basic shapes and then view these shapes in famous artist paintings and sketches such as Monte or Georgia O'Keeffe.

I will also be teaching a digital photography workshop and how to write poetry.