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What book by Patricia Polacco should I buy?


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I have read the the author Patricia Polacco has some great children's book. Can someone suggest which one I should get first.


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Oh gosh, she is a great author... one of my favorites! :)

I always read Dear Mr. Falker to my students. (It makes me tear up every cotton-pickin' time!) I also like Mrs. Mack. Rechenka's Eggs is a good Easter time read-aloud. We do the Civil War in 5th grade, so Pink and Say is an excellent cross-curricular link! And John Phillip Duck has always been a class favorite.

Can you tell I like her books? Heh.:s)


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I love her books!

I have about 20 or so of her books. A lot of it depends on what grade you teach. Some of her books are higher level picture books that are great read-a-louds. What grade do you teach? Thank you, Mr. Falker is probably her most popular. I love Mr. Lincoln's way and many many others!!


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I love Babushka's Doll. I teach second grade, but I've also used it in Kindergarten. It's a great one for the little guys!
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more Polacco

My all-time favorite is The Keeping Quilt. At Christmas I can't do without Welcome Comfort, The Trees of the Dancing Goats and Uncle Vova's Tree. Good for connecting to reading strategies, writing, or character ed are My Rotten Red-Headed Older Brother, Meteor!, The Bee Tree or Thunder Cake.

Actually, you can't go wrong with any of her books! Happy reading! :s)


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I second, Dear Mr. Falker for a beginning book! I teach Kindergarten so I don't get to use her books in my room. What a shame!


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Patricia Polocco

is also one of my favorite authors. You can't really go wrong with her books. I just wanted to add Chicken Sunday to the list. Oh, and my students this past year really liked Babushka Baba Yaga.


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Thank You Mr Falker is my favorite. It is such a touching story. Kids who are just learning to read, or who are struggling to read can really benefit from it.


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Scholastic. Sometimes they'll have a whole Patricia Polacco set available from Lucky. That's how I got mine.

By the way. I met her and she is amazing! She is a very nice person and cares deeply about kids and what happens to them. Her school presentation is wonderful.


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The Actor's Guild Website for Children

Check out http:/storylineonline.net/
It has two of her stories that students can listen to. They include Thank You Mr. Falker and My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother. Both are good. Patricia Polacco's website is also excellent.


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OMG...I have so many of her books! My fav is Pink and Say but I have to admit that I love John Phillip Duck!


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The Butterfly (WW2 Holocaust)
Pink and Say (Civil War)

I want to cry just thinking about them. She is such a talented author!


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two favs

i have so many of her books but i have used thundercake and thank you mr. falker the most in class