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What can't you live without...


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in language arts? :confused:

I'm always prioritizing ~ and not always confident about it. <!--grumpy-->

Out of the usual below (not including bathroom breaks, recess...),
what do you believe are "gotta haves" for a language arts program?

Free reading/Free writing
Guided activities (reading/writing)
Words activities (spelling/vocabulary)
Independent work
Group work
Preparation for state testing
Editing of work
Read Aloud
Discussion of graded work

Thanks so much ~ your ideas will be a BIG help! :D
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Read aloud

I know you had read aloud on your list, but for me it has to be interactive read aloud. That way they practice things such as inferencing, connecting, visualizing, etc. I ask questions and they have to answer in notebooks or sometimes they discuss in their small groups. They get so much more out of the story this way.


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...that's what I do too! :D

Also, I write my thoughts on the overhead to give a visual to my thinkaloud. Any thoughts from the class get added to this ~ and anyone who wants to take notes gets extra credit points for this. It's amazing how many do take notes ~ I think they really enjoy it, and it helps them focus. LOL

Also, for fun, their homework is a selection from the read aloud ~ with an extended response question to answer. It really ties it altogether, gives meaning to the homework, and (having already been read to them) is manageable to those who have reading challenges. :)

Thanks for the input! The ideas help ~ keep them coming everyone! :D