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What do I get my twins for Christmas - HELP!!


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I know I can count on my PT friends to help me. I have 5 1/2 year old twins - boy and girl. I am totally stumped about what to get them for the holidays.

He loves computers, L max, V Smile (although it's on the fritz), cars, tracks, trucks.
He has all the above at nausea. So I'm looking for something different. Any ideas?

My daughter loves High School Musical and has really gotten into the singing/dancing thing. I was going to get her the Barbie guitar with earphones and microphone. She's also really into drawing lately so I was thinking of getting her a stencil kit and art kit with pencils, markers, crayons, etc... She likes the bead things on occassion but is really not into it.
She's got barbies, dolls, dollhouse stuff, and doll accssories at nausea. Any ideas for my little princess as well?

I really appreciate the help. I've been online and to me, it looks like slim pickings unless you want to spend a lot of money.

We have a lot of games but I'm also looking for something new.

Thanks for all the help,

teach & learn

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I did

the art kit for my daughter when she was little (oh so long ago) I got a Rubbermaid container and filled it with colored pencils, markers, paper, how to books etc. She really liked it and used it a lot and is quite creative!

I also gave them "a gift of love" when they were a little older than yours though and when I was sick of all the commercial stuff!

For my son, probably around 10 years old, it was a cooking box with cooking supplies and a promise to teach him how to cook. He wanted to know the basics, which really helped out years later when he was in college and beyond.

For my daughter, it was sewing items and lessons. She really wanted to learn to sew!

Maybe, you could find something special that each one is interested in and buy gifts to support the idea and give your special attention to them to make it happen. All too often, their things aren't used because they need someone to help they explore to get started!

Good Luck! I miss buying things for little ones!!!
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Off of what Teach said when I was about that age my parents gave me a bin to take in the car. It had everything needed to entertain me for any amount of time and I loved it. I still have something similar for when I go places now although it's evolved from crayons to sudoku.

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If you aren't already swimming in Legos they would be great for both kids. I highly suggest the open ended sets not the kits that look like the box top when you are finished. Just the plain old red, yellow, and blue bricks, some Lego figures, and building boards.

An art kit is a great idea for either child too or maybe a small toolkit for your son-small hammer and nails, scap wood, wood glue, etc.

Do you have room in the playroom for an easel? A paint easel that doubles as a magnetic board and a whiteboard would be used by both and help with fine motor skills for school.