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What do you collect?


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I collect playbills from productions I've been to and magnets from anywhere I've been. I have a pretty cool display.

I also have a lot of Santa Clauses, but I'm really trying to not buy anymore. He has to be really special to make it into the collection now.


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My house collects dust. Does that count?

I think it's best to say I collect clutter. I have odds and ends all over the place that I love.


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I just don’t want to fill my house up with things I think I need or because I inherited them.
I hear ya! It’s been about 10 years since my mom passed away and I’m finally getting rid of things that I inherited. I loved them for sentimental reasons but it’s taking up space and storage. Now it’s time for someone else to love them.


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Nutcrackers….but I stopped because I ran out of space on top of the book case.

during the rest of the year, aforementioned bookcase holds my small tea pot collection.

champagne flutes
Jadeite dish ware
various holiday dish ware


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I have quite a bit of McCoy pottery- probably about 40 pieces. I love bringing out my winter/Christmas stuff each year bc I get to see my snowmen! My big score was when my sister was cleaning out an elderly neighbor's home with her, and she passed on to me a snowman dinnerware set for 8. I'll post a pic once we bring everything in from storage.


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I collect postcards that are sent to me. My oldest one is from my dad from when I was 2.

I also collect WAY too much stuff to make junk journals (waving at anna!) and I have far too many pens...if there is such a thing. ;)


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I have a collection of Gone With the Wind plates and the Hallmark GWTW Christmas ornaments and other assorted GWTW miscellany. I even have some red dirt from Georgia where Tara was located.


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I collect a Christmas ornament from our trips but it has to be unique to the place we visited. I started over 20 years ago and they cover most of my tree. I date all of them and enjoy the memories as I’m decorating.

DH collects coins and sports cards. During the pandemic he spent many hours meticulously cataloging and putting them in storage boxes.


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Hi GreenBunny! Glad to see you are still making those beautiful journals! It's great to hear from a fellow paper collector:D

Ima Teacher

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I may be more of a pack rat than an actual collector. :o I‘ll consider everything I have collected with over 20 items as a collection. I have a very random assortments of things. I also inherited collections from my grandmother, my dad, my mom, and DH’s family.
  • ceramic Christmas trees
  • Charming Tails figures
  • quilts (handmade from Mom and Mamaw)
  • teapots (inherited from Gran)
  • teacups (inherited from Mom)
  • magnets from places I travel
  • stamps from National Parks
  • antique grammar books and readers
  • pocket knives (inherited from Dad)
  • Zippo lighters (inherited from Dad)
  • antique fishing lures (inherited from Dad)
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Star Wars items (both mine and DH’s)
  • Coca-Cola memorabilia (from Gran who dated a guy who ran a bottling plant)
  • Little Golden Books (mine from when I was a kid)
  • Barbies from 70’s and 80’s (mine from when I was a kid)
  • Hummel figures (DSS’s from his German grandmother)
  • old coins

Ima Spedtcher

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I don’t try to collect anything, but some rocks literally beg me to take them home. The big ones in the basket were actually rescued by my son from the kapoho tide pools and the hot ponds, a few years before being covered with lava. I also have stacks of European rocks and North American rocks….may also have some river rocks stacked outside…..I ROCK!
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I used to collect cute bears of all kinds. Most were gifts. Some were carved out of wood and others were glass or ceramic.
I decided a few years back that they collected dust too easily.
If it was not a favorite and I could not remember who gave it to me, I culled the herd. Then a feral cat snuck into my house and broke a lot of my glass bears and Knick knacks
What a nightmare! Feral cats are scary! It was trying to get out, tore some of my curtains to shreds and broke any glass that was nearby.
The only ones I kept after that were wooden carved ones and a large, framed photograph of a dancing grizzly. They all have really cute faces and I like them. :)


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Pink cherry blossom depression glass. We collected it over a long period of time and have a full service for 8. We don't have room for it in our condo so our daughter has custody of it now.


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Do books count? I don't necessarily collect them, but if I see an old book in decent shape and at a reasonable price I have a hard time leaving it (my last purchase was an 120 year old Bible - it's amazing!).


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I have collected corn husk figures made in Slovakia for more than 50 years. Many were purchased there. Pictured are a few of the Christmas angels.
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