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What do you decorate with from Jan-May?


Senior Member
I have a nice big front porch. In the summer I put lots of flowers out. In fall, it's pumpkins, corn stalks, and mums. In December it's wreaths, little xmas trees and lights. I would love to make it look tasteful and nice for the winter and spring months. Any ideas? I live in MN btw, so when I say winter, I mean from November through April. :)

Ima Teacher

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Snowmen? Evergreens?

I'm bad for seasonal decorating. I have a large screened porch, and it's the same year-round, except for the plants & flowers that I put out in summer.


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If I had a porch I would do it by a theme:
Nov. : Thanksgiving/Fall Harvest
Dec.: Christmas
Jan.: Snowmen /snowflakes
Feb: Valentine's Day
March: Saint Patrick's
April: Easter/Spring

I would do this if I had a porch.