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What do you have a degree in?



Just a poll thing...I was wondering what degree you have to have to teach kindergarten....just share what degree you have and if it was hard finding employment with that degree. Thanks!


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I have a Bachelor of Science with an English major and an elementary ed. minor, and I am teaching K at a charter school. I know in public schools you need to either be an early childhood major or have a ZA/early elementary endorsement.



I have a BA in Human Ecology and a candidate for my M. Ed in Literacy.

For your teaching certificate (mine is K-8) you would need to contact your state dept. of Ed for their requirements. There are several courses that are mandatory for certification, so if your degree was not anything near education you would most likely return to school for the needed undergrad course work, for example Teaching the Exceptional Child or Teaching Methods course (including four, science, SS, math, and english). The staTE Has a check list and they want proof of the course work, not any declaration of work experience. They cross their t's and dot their eyes. Also you must take the PRAXIS and perhaps even the PRAXIS 2 now. The requirements have gone through changes.

There are now programs to help you gain the certification without having to take the undergrad courses..Our state university has a two year program that allows you to earn graduate credits and certification credits too.
Also..the public system (in many places) is very competitve and hard to secure employment regardless of what your undergrad degree is in. To teach K you need to complete the same rigourous course work that you would need to teach K-3 or K-8 or secondary. There is no K teaching degree, and especially with the job market, you never know what grade you will end up with.


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My undergraduate degrees are in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in El. Ed and English. I also received my state (California) certification through the Cal State Teach program at CSU Monterey. Eventually, I might return to specialize in Reading.


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I have BS in Elementary Ed (K-8) and a minor in English (only because I need 4 extra credits to graduate and I like to read). I was the last year you can earn a K-8 here, the next time I renew, it'll only be a K-6, because of having to be highly quailified.


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I have a BS (ha ha ha get it BS) in Montessori Education with a minor in Early Childhood (I received a prek-8 certificate with that).
I went on to get an MA in SpEd wich covers preK -12.

All of this is in Ohio.


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I'm in florida and I have a bachelors in elementary ed...which in florida is for grades 1-6. I also have a degree in early childhood education to teach K.


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I am a Kindergarten teacher in Kentucky. I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (certified K-5) and a Master of Science in Elementary Education with a focus on Reading and Literacy.


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I just completed my "emergency" sub orientation for a county system in KY. (An "emergency" sub is one who is not certified as a "real" teacher.) My BA is in Sociology with a minor in English. I'm also "heavy" in the health sciences AND I have one year of law school - - LOL, it seems that I went to school FOREVER. I will be teaching pre K through grade 12.


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My bachelor degreee is a BFA in Theatre--at the time I didn't want to write a lot of term papers or spend time in the library. This was before computers. I was resisting getting a degree in education, my first love, because I wanted to get an art degree of some type since all my friends were art, music, or philosophy majors. I got this degree in Georgia. I went back later to take additional coursework to become a teacher.

I have a master's degree from Cambridge College in Cambridge, MA. If you are interested in a fast-track master's degree, consider Cambridge. It is a lot like teacher summer camp or a revival.


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I have...

a BS in Early Childhood Education and a MS in Curriculum and Instruction. I am certifies to teach N-3.