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What do you have on your students' desks?


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I have created name plates for my students desks. We are in the middle of cursive writing and multiplication, so I have included those 2 things on the name plates. One reason I use name plates for my students is because I don't have an alphabet on the wall. Does anyone else put things like this on their sutdents' desks? I'd rather have something that I can create on the computer rather than buy because I am teaching overseas.


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Almost every K-4 teacher at my school uses these. In K they have the alphabet, number line, shapes and colors.


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Desk tags

I purchase mine but like the PP I have alphabet--written correctly, number line, shapes, colors, days of the week, months of the year--some even have coins.

I attach mine with velcro dots after I laminate the desk plates. That has been a wonderful addition--I am not constantly replacing them to the kids "picking" at the clear contact paper.


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My kids don't have anything on their desks except a water bottle. We have to cover everything up for state testing, the janitors hate scraping off the tape, and I'm tired of them being distracted. I used to have charts on their desks, but no more. I use folders that they can keep in their chair pockets.


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liketeaching1: I saw this idea here over the summer about using Velcro, so I went out and bought them and they didn't work! They would not stick to the desks, they would slide. My T.A and I thought maybe they needed time to "dry" so we left them alone while we did other things (this was the week before kiddos arrived). Well, when I put the Velcro on the desk plate and tried to attach it it kept sliding. YIKES! Do you have any suggestions? I didn't buy the dots, I bought that roll type one and cut it into rectangles. Do you think that's the problem? Thanks for any help you can provide. :o


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Nothing. We have tables, and most of my students don't have anything in front of them. Some of my lower students have number lines, though. I also have a student who has a behavior reminder taped down.

The only downside of this is when there are subs....so I have to be sure to leave my seating chart out on top of my desk.


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I use tables, but I don't use name plates after the first month of school. SO my students don't have anything in front of them.


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N-O-T-H-I-N-G... sort of...

I worry about students being distracted by items on their desks ~ so I taped a sheet to the SIDE of their desk (attaching them to the edge of their desk).

On this, I have commonly misspelled words and vocabulary words (with definitions) for my subject (language arts). I also included the grading scale. I absolutely love it! :D

They refer to the vocabulary words more than the spelling words, but then (I guess) their spelling really isn't that bad. :)


(I used tape to attach these on their desks, so there is a bit of tape on their desk that I don't like ~ it can get dirty and wrinkled if I don't stay on top of replacing it. I'm going to have to try that Velcro trick! Thanks!)


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I have round tables. There is a pencil holder in the center of the table, but that is all. I have a computer made cursive alphabet across the front of the room, and a number line across the back. Because of state testing, I have to remove or cover everything, so I don't like to put up a lot. I teach in a small school. I rarely have more than 18 students. I don't need nameplates to remember the kids names--I've got them down by the end of the first day. I don't worry about subs because I am never out. On those RARE occasions I have to be out, the sub has a class list to refer to.


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I had a former colleague who used 'placemats' for each child. They contained:
  • a photo of the child
  • child's name
  • alphabet written correctly
  • high frequency words/freqently mispelled words
  • numebrs 1-10
  • base 10 number facts
and so on.
Each 'side' of the placemat had either a literacy or numeracy focus -i.e. one side was for literacy, the other was for numeracy.

Hope that helps!


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sliding velcro

I have had no problems with the velcro. Actually I have changed the type of nametags and used the same velcro on the desks. It could be that our desk tops are old and the shiny finish is no more! LOL

I wouldn't think that there should be any difference in the dots than in the type you cut. I know that I attach my Christmas candles to my windows using that type of velcro and it works also. I actually have to pull with some pressure to remove it.


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As a sub, I wish teachers would have names on the tables or desks. Name charts are hard to carry around the room and names on the desk make it easier to learn the child's name before the morning is over. It helps more than you can imagine with crowd control. Please, those of you who don't use any kind of name tag, keep this in mind.


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Well, I don't know what was wrong unless if like you said, the shiny top could have made it not stick! Maybe I'll try again and see what happens. :p


3rd grade

We have pencil cans full of pencils on our tables. Students chooses where they can work successfully often switching places throughout the day as needed or desired. We have tools like cursive charts, hundred charts, ruler, whiteboards, markers.... available for use as needed. The kids are responsible for getting and returning the tools as they use them.

Kel. my Belle

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sentence strips

I use sentence strips for my nametags. I write the students names on them and the students decorate them according to the season, The student like have a hand in the decorating of their nameplates and it saves me some work and $. We replace them every six weeks. I attach them with velcro dots and have never had a problem with them slipping.


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Students' Desks

I have a Special Education class of first to fourth graders. Each student has a nametag that is changed monthly (theme-oriented & made w/ construcion paper), the monthly character trait (each student writes the trait on a sentence strip & we refer to this daily), and an "I Love to Read" strip (was old border & we refer to this daily). My students don't fool with these things too much & seem to take pride in their desktops.


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Desk Tops

I type my student's first and last name in the ABC font-36pt on the dotted line from Fonts4Teachers.com. I tape that to the lower corner of their tandem tables using packing tape. In the upper corner I place a colored sticky dot. (I remove and rotate them every 2 weeks) Red is for the manager, orange for the messenger, yellow for the tracker, green for the skill builder. (these jobs are from our science curriculum)

I would not think of leaving the ticky tape adhisive for the janitor to clean. I spray with Clorox Clean up and scrpe it off with a painter's scraper.