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What do you use to teach grammar?


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This is my first year teaching and I would like to work in some grammar lessons where I can. I am using the Harcourt series and they have materials for spelling but I need some good ideas on how to teach grammar. I will have to squeeze it in so I am looking for some creative ideas to use instead of just running off worksheets. Any ideas? Also, what do you focus on and what do you just touch on briefly?



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My language arts program

I use a mix of Scott Forsman grammar sheets from our now defunct basial series, Daily Edit from Evan Moore, and Writing Workshop mini lessons. The edits give me notice of topics to cover with the Scott Forsman series. I then develop mini lessons for those problems that are easier to address through writing. I'm seeing some results. I hope it helps.:)


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Daily Language Review

I have been using a Daily Language Review book that I bought this year. Set up like traditional DOL I have used in subbing. There are 5 questions for each day and a review on Friday. I have my students do this and cursive practice for morning work (we have a 25 minute period when students are coming in) and then we correct the language review together and discuss the various sentence corrections, etc. It covers a wide range of skills and I feel it has been successful with my students.



There are many resources available in the worksheet format, as I am sure you already know. I have a book called Games Galore for Language Arts. Topics covered are varied-adjectives, adverbs, verbs, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, vocabulary etc. It's a really cool book. You would have to spend some time copying and laminating the games, but it would be worth it and a lot more fun than doing one worksheet after another. I also like to introduce different parts of speech using Ruth Heller's story books e.g. Many Luscious Lollipops. They have beautiful pictures and introduces students to the concepts in a more interesting way. The ISBN on the Games Galore is 1-56234-486-2-It comes from the MAILBOX, published by The Education Centre. Hope this helps.


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I develop grammar lessons based on the problems I see in my students' writing samples. We write every day and I make notes of the errors I see in student's pieces and then plan mini-lessons accordingly. Many days I will have a mini-lesson with just a small group of kids (those who I noticed having the specific problem) while the rest of the group is practicing a previously learned skill. I keep an individualized record for each student and check off skills that I have taught as students master them.

Lisa Oregon

creative grammar

I am a first year teacher as well, but I have found a couple of fun, and creative books to teach grammar. They are, "Caught' Ya Grammar With a Giggle," books by Kiester. She has lessons like you would find in D.O.L., as well as grammar mini-lessons. My kids love it and look forward to it on a daily basis!


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White boards

Yesterday I did a lesson on plural possessive nouns using white boards. The students write their answer as I do and we all turn them around and hold them up at the same time - then they can check what they've written and see if it's right. They LOVED it!

I do a lot of center activities for this, too.....versatiles, etc..