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What does your first week of school schedule look look?

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This will be my third year teaching and I am so excited!! I feel so much more confident. I have lesson plans for a lot of first week activites. I'm curious as to what everybody else's schedules for the first week looks like.

We start back on the 2nd of August and our kiddos return on the 9th.
I would like to start Daily 5 this year also.
Here is an example of mine (not sure if our specials and times for subjects will be the same yet).

7:55 - 8:00 - Unpack homework, put backpacks away
8:00 - 8:15 - Breakfast/clean-up/teacher read aloud, annoucements
8:20 - 8:40 - Morning work - Journals
8:45 - 9:00 - Morning meeting introductions, welcome, morning procedures, bathroom procedures
9:00 - 9:30 - Read aloud -The kissing hand and activity
9:30 - 10:05 - Self portraits
10:10 - 10:55 - recess/lunch
11:00 - 12:30 - Reading block. HM ABC's review for 12 days.
12:35 - 1:30 - Math - Procedures, Math Games. First patterning lesson
1:35 - 2:05 - Specials
2:10 - 2:40 - End of Day activities/clean-up and pack-up

During the rest of the week in the am we:
continue modeling procedures, classroom rules - fruit salad, 5 things about me bags, back to school read alouds, summer writing reflections.

Afternoons - continue repeating patterning lessons and assess on Friday. Start up math journals for word problems.


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Looks like you are

set to go. I have always found that there is always a greater confidence going into your third year of a grade. I am happy for you. As for me, school just finished last week for me and I am taking time for myself and my kids (yet, I am addicted to proteacher). Your plans will give you a peace of mind.


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Work in progress right now...

I'm in the middle of planning my first 6 weeks or so. I'm closely following the Responsive Classroom model and typing 'as-is' into my plans, then tweaking as I think of things I want to add (printing, Daily5/CAFE...).
I'll try to attach it... a first try for me! :)

The 'shake hands' thing is from Handwriting without tears and is a way to help the little guys figure out their right from left hand. It teaches them to always shake with their right hand and then the teacher uses a sensory prompt (dab of lotion on right index finger and thumb for the student to rub together, dab of vanilla scent on right hand to smell, stamp on right hand to look at...) to reinforce the right hand knowledge

Here's a great post on the Responsive classroom board if you're looking for some guided discovery activities for the first weeks.
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Your schedule looks great!

You look prepared and ready to go! We start the 2nd week of August as well. I write down plans, but also know that the first few weeks is mostly about learning routines, rules, and procedures. I also do a lot of assessing the first few weeks. So, I don't always stick to my plans those first few weeks. Better to plan and not do it, then not plan and be scrambling to fill time though. ;) Our student's first week of school starts on a Wednesday. So those first 3 days, I try to do a lot of fun learning activities, lots of read alouds, and lessons with read alouds, lots of hands-on learning activities, and getting to know you activities. I don't delve into curriculum until the 2nd week. I will however start Daily 5 on Day 2! :) (Read to self- Begin building stamina.)

Good luck with your school year. :)