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What does your school use?



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My school is looking to re-work school-wide behavior. We are switching from an antiquated system (pink slips, too many rewards for things they SHOULD be doing...) to something new which we will discuss at meetings.

So I'm looking for ideas- what do you guys use in your school (school wide, example in specials, cafeteria, in the hallway, assemblies, transition times) for management/behavior?

Thanks in advance!


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We Use

We use a school wide clip chart system. Most of the school just had everyone start on a 1 (the highest you could go) and the student would move down as the misbehaved (5 was the max). The consequences were set based upon the teacher. I usually took recess away as they moved down the chart (2=5 minutes lost, 3=10 minutes lost, 4=15 minutes lost, 5=all recess lost). At the end of the day, we filled out the students calendar and put the number they were on and why they were on that number for the parents to see, sign, and return.

For specials/lunch, every teacher had a laminated sheet of paper that had every student's name on it and a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 next to each students name. If the student misbehaved, the student would get a 2. The next misbehavior would result in them moving to a 3 and so on. At the end of the class, the specials teacher or lunch monitor would circle the number the student ended up on. When the teacher got the clipboard back, she'd see that the student misbehaved and would have the student "pull their clip" in class to that number. Sorry if that's confusing, I tried to make it clear but it was harder than I thought!

For hallway transitions, we used some acronym that I can't remember. Basically, we'd all walk on the right side of the hallway leaving no gaps and go quickly and quietly.


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I will add that the list we will be going over in a meeting next week.

It also made sense to me! Do you find it hard to manage?


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To Panic590

I like how this idea takes some time away from their recess but they have the choice to stop their behavior before losing it all. I also like how the behavior watch/expectation continues throughout the day during special activities and lunch. I like the idea of a class list that travels with the class. Also that it is a school wide action, so that if a student got on 5, for example, everyone including the admins would know what that meant. I also like how the kids write their score down and reason and the parents sign it. I love that!

Now I do have some questions that I am wondering about, if you don't mind answering?
1. Does your school apply this to all grade levels, primary to upper grades?
2. What does your school do for consequence if it was a severe offense like, fighting? Is there a number for that? When is it time for a conference with parents and/or the admin.?
3. For lunch, how do the aides/personnel know who the students are when there are so many? Is there an aide assigned to each class during lunch?
4. How cooperative are all the teachers on this? Does everyone seem Ok with participating or are there some who want to do it their own way? In others words, is it expected that everyone participate or not?
5. During recess, is there a teacher/aide assigned to the kids on the bench and if so how do they monitor them to make sure they have fulfilled the correct amount of time on the bench?

I really like this idea for my class but I can see how this might help my whole school. We have had so many behavior problems at lunch that whole grade levels have lost their recess and have spent their time standing in line...:(. Thank you for taking time to answer these questions. Even if no one in my school does it, I think I will. Even down to the list at lunch, if it will improve my class' behavior.


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Sorry it took so long to reply!

1) My school, at the time, was just PK-3. I'm not sure about PK but I know K-3 had this system in place. We're not PK-5 and I'm assuming it will stay the same!
2) There isn't a number for fighting or things like that. That is its own thing. If its a serious offence, I write the student up and send them to the office. My administration was very good about this and I only had to write a student up maybe 2 times. As far as conferencing with the parents: that's up to you. I taught K and had a student who threatened to kill another student 2 times. I wrote the student up, sent him to the AP, and conferenced with the parents on my own. The AP also had a separate conference with the student's parents. The teachers tried to handle most conflicts on our own but when that wasn't possible we involved the admin. I also kept constant communication with my more difficult student's parents.
3) We would have 3-4 personnel at a time for lunch. We would eat by grade level and there were around 8 classes per lunch. Usually, when I would pick up my kids from lunch 2 things would happen if a student got in trouble.. 1) the aide would just tell me personally what happened and 2) my kids would scramble to make sure I knew who got in trouble LOL they just wanted to help!
4) It was very understood that everyone needs to participate. My K team were all on board and absolutely loved the results for the younger kids. I don't know how well this worked with the older students but I did see other teachers using their system. We had some liberty with system. I had the simple system of everyone starting on 1 and moving down subsequently. Some teachers had the students start on 3 so they could move UP if they were exhibiting good behaviors but they would still move down if they were exhibiting bad behaviors.
5) I would go out with the students during recess and the students would sit right in front of me. I would have a list of the students name and how much recess they missed and I would have my phone out to keep the time. If the students started playing in the dirt or with the rocks, I'd add a minute (seems harsh but they're not supposed to be playing!). Once the student's time was up, I'd call them to come chat with me for a minute. We'd talk about why they were on that # and what they could do better next time so they won't have to sit out.

I will say that I had a hard time with students who had severe issues. I had one child will severe ADHD whose parents refused to give him medication. He was on a 4/5 almost everyday. Along with the clip chart, I tried many other rewards for him to help him stay on a good number. It was tough for him. Overall, I really like this system and I hope you guys can tailor it to meet your student's needs!


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Thank you so much!

I am excited to try this. I plan to adjust my weekly assignment page to include a space for their behavior number. Then I plan to clipboard a behavior chart to give to the lunch aides. Last year I taught 6th grade and, honestly, the whole grade level had issues! I would pick up my students and I could see the frustration and annoyance on the faces of the aides every time. One time a senior teacher (taught there over 25 yrs.) came in after the students were just yelling and screaming during their lunchtime. He was so mad and he gave them a speech!!! It was so quiet I almost didn't know what to do. Our school has tried some things the last two years I have been there. But it often crumbles or the admins are usually very upset and overworked. At our school the admins supervise recess and lunch recess. But they will not really watch the kids on the bench and so I usually don't know if kids have been sitting on the bench or playing. Usually another kid will snitch. So I have to come up with something better since I am tired of giving up my breaks to discipline kids. Thanks for this idea. I'm teaching 4th grade next yr and I think it will go well.