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What grades do you like best?



I was wondering if anyone gets a kick out of junior high students like I do? I like elementary best, high school they're not so interested in the sub, but the more I go to junior high, the more funny stories I have. They're still responsive to discipline and it's easy to joke around with them. Yesterday a small boy came up to me, introduced himself, stuck his hand out for me to shake, and said he made himself the official substitute welcoming committee. I loved it! Anyone else have a preference or a cute story? I don't know any other subs so this is a nice site to come to and read about the job.


Substitute Teacher/Preservice Teacher

I love elementary b/c I'm getting certified in elementary anyway.


Substitute teaching in middle school

As long as you have a lesson plan which takes up the class period, then doing middle school is mostly fine, give or take a couple classes. However, if you don't have a good lesson plan, and the students start talking and doing nothing, than that's when the real problems arise. I must admit that I like subbing elementary better because usually their are more thorough lesson plans, you can discipline them easier, and you don't have to repeat yourself a thousand times like in middle school. But when I get into full-time teaching, it'll be at the middle school level.
By the way, one thing I've noticed at middle school is how the kids take joy in proving the substitute wrong. I was subbing for a math class (geometry and algebra). The algebra part I know, the geometry part confuses me. Anyways, I was trying to explain the few geometry things I know. However, when I got one little thing wrong, that's when the ruckus arose and I felt like an idiot b/c a student knew more than me. That's why I'm getting certified in social science!


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middle school sub

I love subbing for middle school!!! I did not even consider it until I got a call from a friend (she's the aide and wanted me to sub for the teacher she works with). I agreed on a one time basis, had so much fun I couldn't believe it.
The best part was getting the lessons done early, and then hearing what the kids wanted to talk about. WOW!!! Great eye opener!


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middle school

I subbed last year. At first I couldn't stand the hormone crazed middle school students, but by they end year, I really had so much fun with them.


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I prefer 3-6. I will do infants (K-2) if asked, but I prefer primary (which is 3-6 here).

I don't touch high school (7-12) - I'm not qualified.


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Lower Primary

I prefer elementary- here in Australia we call it lower primary which is
(K-2). My first preference is Kindergarten.