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What kind of soda are you?

Miss C

Senior Member
Took this fun quiz recently to find out what kind of soda I am. Thought it was pretty accurate maybe.
You Are Dr. Pepper
You're very unique and funky, yet you still have a bit of traditionalism to you.
People who like you think they have great taste... and they usually do.

Your best soda match: Root Beer

Stay away from: 7 Up
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Hey Tiff,

This should come to no surprise to you. I went and took the test and guess what I found out. I also am a Dr. Pepper. Now, that is TOO SCAREY. Talk to you later. Hope you have a great day.



Senior Member

I took the test 2 x's I read it a little more carefully the second time. The first I was mountain dew-- my hubby laughed at that. i did it again and gave it more thought and came out a Coke which does seem more like me.
We did the 8th grade science one too. My hubby usually beats me at everything but I got a perfect score and he got one wrong yeah for me!