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What makes teachers tick?


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What keeps us coming back for more year after year? Current studies quote most new teachers last 3 years or less. Those of us with teaching in our blood and chalk dust in our veins share a view of the world outsiders "don't get".

1.Teaching is a lifestyle. People who go into this gig thinking it's just another job, won't last too long.

2.The super hero syndrome. We feel the call to save the world. Noone informed us that super powers don't come with the licence( Although access to answer keys and red pens are perks.)Most of us feel responsible when we can't save one.

3. Overactive responsibilty glands. Raise your hands if you blow off your summer watching reruns and sipping iced tea. Any takers? Most of us are working, teaching or taking courses.(Usually all three) Many more are also spending the summer being a full time parent between halves.

4.A Passion for learing/ subject areas. You need your strength. It won't come form the pay check and it maynot come from the kids. The work needs to sustain through it all.

5. A Joy for the ah-aha. The real merit pay. When your kiddos get it, and you are there for the occasion.

A teacher has a unique view of the world. To loosely quote a Waylon Jennings song "crazy to keep from going insane". All of us are slightly off from the rest of the country. To love what our nation is disdainful of, yet claims to care about makes us the "weirdos". Consider any teacher figure from tween televison or prime time programing. I hope I'm not that clueless, and I know none of you are either.;)

Miss C

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Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts so beautifully! I'm sharing this with the other teachers in my building!