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what materials do you use to teach ss in NJ?


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Teaching in ocean county NJ and would love to know what third grade teachers are using for social studies books. My school does not want to buy books next year and only wants us to buy leveled readers. Being on the committee I feel like we are just grabbing from the air. There is no rhyme or reason why we pick this book and not that. I would love to hear from you what you are using for social studies in your classroom. Help!!!


I teach third grade as well. We teach continents and use all different materials

cheryl NJ

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teachng social studies

If they want you to buy leveled readers why don't you look into Time magazine leveled readers. We teach about NJ 1st & 2nd marking period. Then we learn about the world. We have also added Time for Kids leveled readers that go along with our reading series.


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social studies in NJ

Thanks for your advice. I will check out the times magazines for kids. How do you assess your students or are you just satisfactory/needs improvement ?


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I teach in NJ too. We just got Houghton Mifflin Communities for third grade. We used the old text and just updated the material. We teach about local communites, Native Americans, and economy.
We also integrate the local history of our town and take a tour of the historical sites.
We have leveled books that are rec. by Houghton Mifflin and many others. We will used these books as guided reading books too. Since that is the big focus for being independent for the NJASK.
YOu really need a book. This is their first experience with a text book and being held accountable for their studying.
Push for the book. REACH out to the parents and let their voices be heard.
Good Luck
A fellow NJ teacher